Markiza.ru in the Country Answer!

Designers of The Country answer have chosen Ventura Premium folding arm awning and Tango vertical awning for their next scheduled program. These models are market leaders in the sun protection world, and the best choice for country houses. See next release of The Country Answer with markiza.ru participating in it on September 30 on NTV!

Folding arm awning Ventura Premium
Ventura Premium is a folding arm produced in Germany; there are no plastic details in it, only stainless steel and hardened aluminium; reinforced front profile covered with fabric; learn about all advantages of our awnings!

Vertical awning Tango
Vertical awningsare irreplaceable for country houses, terraces and gazebos! They will protect you from snow and wind in winter, and from heat and rain in summer. Wide choice of materials and fabrics: plain colours, striped, transparent, semi-transparent!