Our catalogue of awnings from classical style to Hi-Tec. Detailed descriptions of each model with an option to calculate prices for awnings and sheds online.

We yearly broaden the range of our awnings; before release, each model is sorted out from a group of analogical offers from the European market. Our experience tells that in the aggregate of their technical characteristics, quality, durability, and aesthetic appearance, German awnings have been staying out of rivalry for a long time. That is the reason why almost all models that we offer are produced in Germany.

In our range you can find all kinds of models: classical awnings (fabric sheds for windows and doors), that are simple models, light and obtainable; new models that consider all new tendencies in sun protections; awnings of complicated forms, including exclusive constructions that are produced according to individual order.

Awnings fabrics


Collection of awnings fabrics 2012. Here you can find colours, descriptions, and technical characteristics of modern materials that we use to sew awnings. The same fabrics can be used for production of parasols and sheds, tents and wind protections curtains for open-air cafeterias.

Awnings accessories


Awnings accessories: in this part we offer all range of products that can help to make the usage of your awning more comfortable!

Electric motors, sun sensors, wind sensors, rain sensors, wind protection systems are all these options. Lambrequins Vario-Volant will be interesting to you if you would like to buy an awning as a terrace shed. Outdoor infrared heaters are the only decision for heating of open air cafeterias and restaurants.

Summer cafeteria awnings

Summer cafeterias

All decisions for business: summer cafeterias of different types. Constructions that can be used both for small business, as well as for big network projects, are presented here. Tents and sheds are often analogical to each other when you speak about organizing summer terraces of restaurants; you can find different decisions, descriptions of their advantages in our catalogue, and choose the best.

Advertisement and trade awnings

Constructions for advertisement and trade

Trade pavilions, stages, constructions according to individual order: any kind of quick-mounting constructions for business and country recreation. If you need to buy parasols and tents, different facilities for trade, please get acquainted with our offers; you will appreciate our advantageous prices, divertissement of constructions and operative production.

Tents for cutters, boats, yachts

Tents for cutters, boats, yachts

We construct, produce and install all types of tents for cutters, boats, yachts. While production of the tents, we use only well tried materials and fitments that steadily protect cutters and boats from corrosion, damage, birds penetration; they protect materials of boats from aging and provide comfort during navigation.