Awnings operating tools

Automatic equipment for awnings

Automatic equipment for awnings is electric motors, remote controls, sun, rain, and wind sensors, i.e. everything that makes awnings operating more comfortable. In this topic you will learn how different kinds of awnings can be operated, how the sensors work, and what advantages the automatic equipment gives except for simplicity of operating.

Lambrequin for cassette awnings

Retractable lambrequin

Retractable lambrequin Vario-Volant is an option for cassette awnings, very convenient and striking. This product will be interesting for you if you want to install the cassette awning on a terrace or balcony of a country house.

Wind protection for awnings

Wind protection systems

System of protection from strong wind is additional supports for retractable awnings. More often this option is used for big awnings of business use that are installed in windy places, e.g. on a seashore.

Outdoor heaters

Outdoor heaters

Outdoor infrared heaters can serve both to private customers and restaurant keepers. They are relevant in any case when heating of open area, summer terrace territory or facility of a gazebo is needed.