Automatic equipment

How can different kinds of awnings be operated?

Specialities of Parus and WGBawnings demand only automatic operation.

Construction and field of use of side awnings Calypso Roll are meant for manual operating, motors cannot be installed on them.

Canopy awnings Sienna are usually made with a special folding up mechanism that helps to fold up the awning with one movement; though, on a customer’s request, installation of an electric motor is also possible.

However, the majority of awning models – drop, folding arms, all kinds of cassette, all types of vertical, Pergola - can be operated either manually or automatically.


Installation of electric motors for awnings

though all these awnings are operated manually easily and without efforts, installation of motors has several advantages:

  • management by means of single button click on remote control; no need to turn a crank
  • incorrect management that might lead to run out of awnings components is excluded
  • in cases you have several awnings in a row, and you want to open and close them simultaneously, for example, over all windows of your country house, it can be tiresome to operate them one by one with help of a crank; the automatic awnings can be operated from one remote control

4-channel remote controls of a French firm Somfy

Automatic equipment for awnings is produced by SOMFY company (France). Electric gears are installed into the awning’s roller tube, they are noiseless and very sustainable, they are operated by remote controls or sensor buttons. The motors can have a function of emergency opening; in case of power cut, the awning can be opened or closed manually.

The remote controls can be programmed to operate several awnings at a time, as well as sun sensors and heating systems under the awnings.




Besides, electric motor awnings can be equipped with additional options that are popular among our clients, and give a possibility to use all options that modern sun protections provides, that is sun, rain and wind sensors.

Sun and wind sensors Somfy

Wind sensors Somfy

Wind sensor has a protection function. As strong wind can damage the awning mechanism, it is recommended to fold it up when wind force exceeds resistance limit (different for different awning models). Wind sensor and electric motor will do it for you automatically, and besides the sensor can be programmed for different data. Sun sensor will open the awning automatically when the sun starts shining, and close when it will get dark. The awning can also be equipped with a rain sensor.