Outdoor heaters

Outdoor heaters are economic and environmental friendly heat and attractive design.

Besides that the infrared heaters offered by us are the only heaters that can be used outdoors, they have a variety of advantages:

  • safety
  • economy
  • instant heat
  • directed warmth, only where it is needed
  • environmental friendly warmth: no smell and emission while exploitation
  • no sensibility to wind or draught
  • does not raise dust
  • saves up to 60% energy in comparison with other heating sources, because it heats certain zones, no losses of warmth

These heaters are ideal for any open spaces or facilities without central heating:

  • open terraces of summer houses, cottages, restaurants
  • inner yards of country houses
  • spaces under parasols and sheds
  • any other facilities that demand economic and environmental friendly warmth

Infrared heater on telescopic pole