Tents and pavilions

Tent constructions and pavilions

Tent constructions are quick-mounting constructions that can be used as summer cafeterias, tents for presentations, summer exhibitions, festivals, recreation zones in country clubs; they are used where it is needed to equip a closed area.

Tent constructions for trade

Constructions fro trade

We produce small pavilions and tents for trade both as separate orders and as additional construction for open air cafeterias and restaurants. We produce them according to your dimensions to make your business most comfortable for you. They can be made as small glazed pavilions, wooden constructions with glazing, with tent roof, or metal.

Individual awning constructions

Individual constructions

Our company carries out building of objects according to individual order. If you need to solve some nonconventional problem of building summer or all-season objects, please apply to our company, our experience and production capacities permit us to make projects and build any kind of individual constructions in the shortest terms.

Street parasols


When you need to equip a restaurant platform in a short time, an alternative to an awning is a parasol; we offer street parasols of different sizes, with logos and advertizing inscriptions.