Awnings for wall cafeterias

Wall cafeterias

Installation of wall summer cafeterias is one of main directions of our production department; yearly we install dozens on these constructions. A wall summer cafeteria is a set of awnings mounted on a façade or a tent construction, as well as a podium and fencing. Among advantages of these constructions is simple and quick mounting/dismounting, a possibility to place advertisement of the enterprise on the canvas and lambrequins of the awnings, and possibility to take away the cafeteria for night time.

Awnings of the system «Samolet»

Samolet cafeteria

A Samolet is a system that permits to organize an open air summer cafeteria quickly both on any open area or next to a building, not demanding mounting to the façade.

Awnings of system «Flamingo»

Flamingo cafeteria

This is a striking and effective system that our clients choose as an optimal variant of organizing an open area, that was worked out by us especially for cases when it is not possible or not desirable to mount an awning to an edifice’s façade, soil or pavement.

Awnings for glass pavilions

Glass pavilions

A glass pavilion consists of a metal frame, tent roof (PVC or acrylic fabric), wooden podium and extendible windows. The main advantage of summer cafeterias of this type is closed nature of this construction that permits this outlet to function in almost any weather. Pavilions that we produced resist highest loads, and it is possible to heat them in cold season with infrared heaters that we offer; they are supposed to be used outdoors and in cold facilities.

Podiums and fencing

Podiums and fencing

Podiums and fencing can be a part of Samolet, Flamingo or Pavilion constructions, or produced separately.