Glass pavilions is the biggest producer of these constructions; we create them for ten years already, and each of our projects fulfilled is a combination of professionalism and creative approach.

A glass pavilion consists of a metal frame, tent roof (PVC or acrylic fabric), wooden podium and extendible windows. You can print any kind of inscriptions, images and logos on the tent.
The main advantage of summer cafeterias of this type is closed nature of this construction that permits this outlet to function in almost any weather. Pavilions that we produced resist highest loads, and it is possible to heat them in cold season with infrared heaters that we offer; they are supposed to be used outdoors and in cold facilities.

Restaurant or cafeterias, country clubs of exhibition area, wherever this construction is used, we will produce it for you quickly and maximally responding to all tasks that it ought to fulfill.


Mounting usually takes one day, in some cases up to 2 days.



 Parus restaurant, St.Petersburg

This project became one of our sartorial statements, because together with awning production, one of our directions is image projects for restaurant and cafeterias, and we work with greater pleasure with…

 Elki-Palki restaurant, St.Petersburgг

While producing objects for a big network of Elki-Palki taverns, it is not only quality and short terms that are important, but also brand awareness. In this case we produced…

 Bogarts cafeteria

Glass pavilion for Bogarts cafeteria in the centre of St.Petersburg is one more example of comfort and advantage of glass construction of Pavilion type…


  • Closed construction permits to exploit the cafeteria even in cold season
  • Modul construction
  • Quick mounting (1-2 days)
  • Big sizes
  • Stands high wind and rain loads


Widthfrom 5 meters
Lengthis limited by the territory of installation

lead time/

Lead timefrom 10 to 20 working days
AvailabilityOn request


Delivery within Moscow and St.Petersburg is free; further it is 41 rub per kilometer. Detailly


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