Awning “PARUS”

Design of this superb awning was influenced by yacht sails; everything in it speaks of sea, sun, freedom and open spaces. This awning can be described in 5 words: design, innovation, advanced technologies, quality, and diversity.

Parus is exceptional in everything, each its detail is thought out, it covers area as you wish, it has endless variants of forms. Materials used in this awning are stainless steel and Dacron, fabric of polyether synthetic yarn; this fabric is used in sailing, and it makes Parus extremely resistant to wind loads.

this is a premium class awning, hi-tech and effective; it has no analogs neither in design nor in technical characteristics.

Principle of operating

Innovative idea of this construction permits it to take different shapes and adjust to the environment.

As a separately standing quadrangular construction, Parus consists of four vertical pillars, and a roller tube with a tubular motor inside it, in the middle of the construction. Two separate triangle sheets of fabric are attached to the roller tube along its length, and to a movable metal wire with its opposite corner. The electric motor moves the roller tube and the tension wires that stretch the fabric between fixing points; when the awning is being closed, the fabric rolls up the roller tube.

The principle of this awning construction is a possibility to combine several motorized roller tubes with fabric in one product, and possibility to mount tension roller tubes for the wires not only on special pillars, but also on walls, roofs, at different heights. Due to that, a Parus can have triangular form, quadrangular, or various complicated forms; each separate section can have its own slope angle.


Mounting time depends on difficulty of configuration and may take up to several hours.


  • Design solution that has no analogs
  • Simplicity in operation
  • Long exploitation term
  • Different variants of mounting
  • Different forms and sizes


Maximal area coverage55 m2
Material of the constructionstainless steel
Materials of tensioning wiresstainless steel

wind resistancestands wind force up to 40 km/hour

lead time/

Lead timefrom 20 working days
AvailabilityOn request
Fabric availabilityOn request


Delivery within Moscow and St.Petersburg is free; further it is 41 rub per kilometer. Detailly


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