Terrace awning “Pergola”

Pergola is one of the most gorgeous and striking solutions in sun protection. This awning implements in itself all the best that modern design and engineering can offer! Have a look how it transforms your terrace or area in front of your house into a new open-air facility which you wouldn’t want to leave in any weather, because Pergola delights the eye, and protects you both from rain and sun.

If you decided to use Pergola to equip your restaurant’s terrace, you will see how advantageous this decision is: it will lay emphasis on unicity of your outlet and release you from necessity to follow whims of weather. You can make an independent advertising instrument from it, as nobody can resist exquisite design of Pergola, and sense of comfort on any, even the hottest or windiest day will remind your guests that they like to spend time on your terrace.

We offer one of the most incredible variants of design on the market, that ideally fits any exterior; all that you have to do is choose a colour palette and additional options due to which elegant, distinct lines of the construction acquire different shades and become one of a kind. In order to help you to choose details and colours, we offer design layout drawings free. Pergola is a hi-tech product demanding professional mounting; our experience permits us to produce all works the fastest way and considering all specialities of your terrace or other are where the awnings is placed.

Principle of operating

This awning is a construction that mounts to a wall, and has additional bottom support points. The fabric moves along guide profiles; when fully open, it covers top and front part, or it can stay in any middle position.

As well as other models of our awnings, Pergola can have different colour solutions.


While mounting Pergola, you ought to remember how its proportions influence on the final result and future feelings of people who will stay it in. The Pergola construction should be chosen with maximal possible width, but you should be very cautious with its height. Pergola height up to 2,5 meters is considered to be optimal.
The second important factor with installation of Pergola is its location place. You should think in advance what functions it will fulfill. Should it be dividing into zones, or, on the contrary, uniting of separate zones, or creating a shaded aisle for strolls along the garden, or an open-air cafeteria? If you install Pergola in a correct way, you can strikingly transform all appearance of the building and area next to it.
The sides can be covered with vertical awnings “Calypso Wind”

А. Bracket
В. Support profile
С. Post profile
D.Movable element (terminal profile)
Е. Curved profile
F. Projection
Н. Height




A penthouse terrace with a gorgeous view on the centre of Moscow demanded a gorgeous solution. Our customer decided to order a terrace awning Pergola with electric motor that naturally and quickly transformed an open terrace into favourite place…


We have produced one of the most striking models of Pergola awning for a summer terrace of one of the oldest restaurants of St.Petersburg, legendary Palkin. Except its impressing appearance, this construction is notable for…


In this project we present the best decisions in sun protection; we have produced a pergola awning with remote control and heating for a terrace of private country house. This is a single module construction with aluminium profile



  • Multi-functional
  • Portability
  • Relatively low weight
  • Stability
  • Possibility to join several constructions in a row
  • Does not fade on sun
  • Does not soak with rain
  • Longevity
  • Damage resistance
  • Fire resistance

    Widthup to 5 meters
    Projectionup to 6 meters
    Optionssun sensor, wind sensor, rain sensor, print on fabric

    lead time/

    Lead time20 working days
    AvailabilityOn request
    Fabric availabilityAll colours according to the catalogue


    Delivery within Moscow and St.Petersburg is free; further it is 41 rub per kilometer. Detailly


    Are you interested in wholesale of awnings in your region? Please call us, we have offers which you can’t refuse.

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