Vertical cassette awnings (Tango Pro, Tango Zip)

Vertical cassette awnings have accumulated all advantages of vertical awnings: they protect from wind, sun, rain or snow, they are irreplaceable for summer pavilions, open terraces and windows, but due to a developed construction they can fulfill even more functions.

As well as on the open model, the awning fabric rolls on a roller tube; though in cassette awnings the roller tube is hidden within a special box which protects the fabric and awning details from exposure. Besides, unlike open awnings Calypso Wind, the fabric moves not along wires, but along aluminium guide profiles, due to which all construction receives weather tightness and complete wind proofness.

Model line

We always offer the widest choice of awnings to our clients; cassette awnings are not an exemption. You can chose between two models at a time, Tango Pro and Tango Zip.

Tango Pro is our classical vertical awning, its exquisite design and splendid performance made it the most popular among cassette models.

The speciality of Tango Zipmodel is that its fabric is kept in guide profile by a sewn-in zip.

These awnings are created to make your everyday life more comfortable. Just imagine that even on a windy winter day your open terrace or gazebo stay cosy and favorable for recreation. Vertical awnings will protect you from all whims of weather or nosy neighbours’ glances; once appreciated its advantages, you won’t be able to refuse them!

Operating mode

The awning fabric moves along aluminium guide profiles; when the awning is being closed, the fabric rolls up on the roller tube hidden within a protective cassette. The guide profiles provide even strain of fabric that does not conduct wind, rain, or snow.





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 Country house

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  • Best protection from wind and downfall
  • Does not fade on sun
  • Does not soak with rain
  • Longevity
  • Damage resistance
  • Possibility to install electric motor
  • Fire resistance


Widthup to 5 meters
Projectionup to 5 meters
Operationmanual, automatic
Fabricdralon, PVC, Soltis
Optionselectric motor, sun sensor, wind sensor, rain sensor, wind protect system, print on fabric

lead time/

Lead time5 working days
Availability/td>All standard sizes are available
Fabric availabilityAll colours according to the catalogue


Delivery within Moscow and St.Petersburg is free; further it is 41 rub per kilometer. Details


Are you interested in wholesale of awnings in your region? Please call us, we have offers which you can’t refuse.

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