Folding arm awnings (Ventura Premium, Eco)

This is one of the most popular types of awnings. It is them that you most often see on open porches of country cottages; these very awnings are the most profitable and striking decision for restaurant-keepers for equipping a terrace at a restaurant quickly and easily; they create shade on a hot sunny day, they protect from rain in foul weather; they complement and decorate edifice façade.

A folding arm awning is not just a retractable shed. It is a classical item of exterior which becomes a part of everyday life and brings special atmosphere to any event, whether it is a romantic summer dinner on your terrace or friends reunion. Chose colours, lambrequin shapes, combine with additional options, and your awning will be unique. It is easy to fill even the most ordinary day with happiness and beauty if you have Ventura!
Do you need an awning to protect your terrace, children’s playground, or a ground in front of your house where you enjoy reading on Saturday morning, from sun and foul weather? Our Ventura awnings are the evident and always correct choice!

Model line

Model Ventura Premium

Our premium class model VENTURA PREMIUM differs from ordinary folding arm awnings with a set of specialities which bring it to an absolutely new level of quality and make VENTURA PREMIUM a unique offer. Here are some of them:

  • Only aluminium and stainless steel are used for production of all elements f the construction, including screws, nuts, and decorative elements.
  • The awning front profile is reinforced and hidden by a lambrequin, thus the fabric pattern stays intact
  • All construction elements are produced in Germany. Each detail, even not very important from the first glance, is thought-out and produced on the highest level; German quality of VENTURA PREMIUM speaks for itself
  • The level of production of the awning details is dictated by its design; its quality is seen with an unaided eye, which makes VENTURA PREMIUM the only open folding arm awning that can satisfy even the most perfectionist taste.

You can see our awnings alive in any showroom of our network; we are always glad to meet you and detailly tell about all their characteristics and advantages!

Model ECO

ECO is a classical version of folding arm awnings. This very class of awnings recognizable for its open front profile and lightened construction are market leader in Russia according to the sales volume.

Even though several decorative elements of ECO (namely side bearing awnings) are made of plastic, its mechanism is durable, and will serve to you for many years, as all elements of the awning that carry functional load, are made of aluminium.

Solid and time proved construction, its lightness, availability, Italian design and gracefulness, the most advantageous price-quality balance, all this make ECO a market leader in its segment.

Operating mode

Movable parts-levers (“folding arms”) draw the front profile of the awning forward and strain the fabric. When the awning is being folded up, the fabric rolls up on the roller tube.

Specialities and recommendations

The awning slope can be from 0 to 90 degrees, and it is arranged while mounting the awning; later you can change it as you wish. For proper water drain during rain, we recommend to make the angle no less than 12 degrees.

Please note that “awning projection” means real size of the awning. Thus, area covered with the awning is less than its projection, due to the slope. So, if you need to cover a terrace 5×3 m, and you install a 20° slope, you need an awning with 5 m width and 3,12 m projection.


-Check the brackets and attach them to the wall of the building no lower than 2,5 m, so that arm adjustments to the square bar do not coincide with brackets.
-check solidity of attachment of the brackets to the wall
-Place the square bar into the brackets and fix it with stopper screws
-Open and close the awning with a crank 2-3 times, then regulate the slope angle with a help of regulation screws.

1.Roller tube
2.Front profile
3. Roller tube side cap
4. Front profile side cap
5. Crank
6. Reduction winch
7. Universal bracket (Uni-bracket)
8. Folding arms
9. Square bar


 Folding arm awning Ventura. Olshanniki.

The classical way of use of a folding arm is on a country house or country cottage terrace. In this case our customer has chosen golden-sand fabric colour and standard white components, and the ready awning ideally…

 Folding arm awning Ventura. Beaujolais restaurant.

The Beaujolais restaurant is an elegant outlet exacting to details in all aspects. First impression of visitors forms at the entrance; our awning has transformed the edifice’s façade and has successfully fulfilled the task of attraction of clients, and…

 Folding arm awning for a General Motors advertizing campaign

General Motors have applied to us in 2011 in order to hold a mutual advertizing campaign and demonstrate how new decisions easily penetrate our life and bring comfort and style into it. Vehicle awnings are not something new for…


  • Does not fade on sun
  • Does not soak with rain
  • Longevity
  • Damage resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Special reinforced roller tube
  • Five types of standard lambrequins
  • Wide range of additional options


Widthup to 7 meters
Projectionup to 4 meters
operationmanual, automatic
Optionselectric motor, sun sensor, wind sensor, rain sensor, wind protection system, print on fabric

lead time/

Lead time5 working days
AvailabilityAll standard sizes are available
Fabric availabilityAll colours according to the catalogue


Delivery within Moscow and St.Petersburg is free; further it is 41 rub per kilometer. Detailly


Are you interested in wholesale of awnings in your region? Please call us, we have offers which you can’t refuse.

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