Vertical awnings “Calypso Wind”

Vertical awnings are unique constructions that have wonderful capacity to fulfill different functions that are so important in order to create comfort on any open space for work or recreation, as well as in country cottages or cafeterias.

These awnings can be established on any kind of vertical open or glazed surfaces. Being placed on windows of a country cottage, they will protect the facility from blinding sun, heat, rain and curious glances; at the same time, they do not hinder fresh air. And for open gazebos, terraces or cafeteria areas these constructions are simply irreplaceable!

Now choppy weather will never break your plans, just draw down the awning, and unexpected rain or wind won’t interfere in your enjoying rest on your terrace.
On a hot summer day vertical awnings will protect you from burning sunrays, and from wind and snow in autumn and winter; these multifaceted constructions will serve you all year round in any weather.

Our awnings are so durable and simple in operating that you can use them many years day after day, and they will keep their gorgeous view and fulfill their practical functions as if they have been just installed. At the same time, if you decided to change their design, just change its fabric, and your awning will look perfect.

We offer a range of different models that can be divided into two main types, open and cassette awnings; each of them has its own advantages and ideally corresponds to tasks set forward. In order to get more detailed information about vertical cassette awnings, have a look at page devoted to them.

Variants of production

Vertical awnings can be produced in three variants:
- from non-transparent awning fabric Dralon; you will receive all advantages of our fabrics with it: durability, splendid appearance, solid protection from any foul weather, and wide choice of colours
- with inserts of transparent PVC: transparent “windows” are sewn into Dralon according to sizes you request.
- from Soltis, fabric with meshed structure; a unique decision for terraces, loggias, gazebos. This fabric protects from wind and rain; it passes light, but not burning sunrays; does not obscure the view, but you won’t be bothered by curious glances of neighbours behind it. You can learn more about this hi-tech fabric here.

Principle of operation

The awning fabric moves along guiding vertical wires or aluminium profiles. A ballast with metal eyelets that attaches fabric to the guides and provides its even stretching is sewn into the lower part of fabric.


1. Left bracket
2. Right bracket
3. Reduction winch
4. Guiding wire or aluminium profile (at your choice)
5. Tension bracket

Advises concerning installation of vertical awnings

- Check the upper brackets and attach them to the wall or window frame
- attach tension brackets
- check solidity of attachment of the brackets to the wall
- Insert the awning’s roller tube into the brackets and fix it with screws
- Regulate tension of the wire with stretchers



In the frame of this project we have produced 12 vertical awnings to protect gazebos from wind, sun, rain and snow on a country yard in Peshtovo village. As in this very case the awnings work as walls, they were ordered with…

 Vertical awning. Istra.

One of the most widely spread cases when vertical awnings are needed is a country house terrace. In this project our customer has chosen colour of fabric that resembles wooden walls


this is a sample of using the unique Soltis fabric for production of vertical awnings Calypso Wind. This fabric has meshed structure, it is very rigid, looks nicely and does not obscure the view


  • Does not fade on sun
  • Does not soak with rain
  • Longevity
  • Damage resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • All-season construction


Widthup to 6 meters
Projectionsup to 3 meters
Operationmanual, automatic
FabricDralon, PVC, Soltis
Optionselectric motor, sun sensor, wind sensor, print on fabric

lead time/

Lead time5 working days
AvailabilityAll standard sizes are availalbe
Fabric availabilityAll colours according to the catalogue


Delivery within Moscow and St.Petersburg is free; further it is 41 rub per kilometer. Detailly


Are you interested in wholesale of awnings in your region? Please call us, we have offers which you can’t refuse.

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