Tents for cutters, boats, yachts

We construct, produce and install all types of tents for cutters, boats and yachts:

  • Pilot-bridge tents are used while exploitation of a boat on the water, and protect the crew, passengers and the vessel from splash, wind and foul weather.
  • Parking tents are meant to protect the vessel from dust, filth, rain and snow while moorage or storage.
  • Transporting tents arte used for haulage of vessels or in case of short-term storage.
  • Tents for winter storage on open air protect the interior elements from frost and fallouts, and permit to make necessary works on service and repair of the cutter in winter period.

Experienced constructors and technologies work for you; for producing tents, we use only special and time-tested materials and accessories that steadily protect cutters and boats from corrosion, damage, bird penetration, protect materials of vessels from aging, providing comfort during navigation.

Our tents are distinguished for their durability, qualitative and precise performance, aesthetical look. You can apply to us by telephone or e-mail, and our specialists will make all necessary measurements and consult you on cost ant terms of production.

Complete project – Tent for a SEARAY 175 cutter


  • Tent is strongly worn out
  • PVC lost ist transparency
  • The frame is made of aluminium and have no necessary rigidity
  • The tent was low: it was not convenient to stand under it crouching
  • The fore part, because of constant presence of water, became dark and covered with mould
  • The rear part is not convenient for looking around
  • Additional instruments are needed to dismount the tent (screwdrivers, keys, etc)
    li>the frame is made of stainless steel on removable hinge joints: the instrument is not needed for dismounting, the frame became more solid and nice
  • Special fabric with double impregnation was used, from the SeaStar SAULEDA collection (ESP index); it has special protection from mould and fungus, and resists water column of 1000 mm
  • Thanks to increae of the frame by 400 mm and production of higher tent, it was confrotable to stand in the cutter in full hight
  • PVC inserts are changed to new ones; because of larger surface of glazing, it became light inside, the view improved
  • A cord with an easily removeable tent pole is installed in the fore part; now the water easily drops down and stays on the fabric
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