Production bases of

Production bases of are situated in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Our production includes:

  • Assembly section. All components for our awnings are imported from Europe; ready-made awnings according to your sizes are being produced in the assembly section.
  • Sewing section. Here we carry out sewing of tents and canvases for awnings, as well as other products according to individual order (like tent screens for fencings).
  • Printing section. We make print of logos, inscriptions and pictures on fabric on our own production. In the beginning of our work in 2002 we were giving out fabric for print to our subcontractor, but in some years we decided to organize our own printing line which helped us to shorten production terms and control the quality of printing. We have the newest equipment in our production department, thanks to which we carry out even the most difficult orders for printing on dralon, qualitatively and in time.
  • Production of summer cafeterias. Building of constructions like summer cafeterias and pavilions, tent constructions, takes one’s own production capacities that a distinguished into separate production; it was this department that the history of our company started with.
  • Transportation department. Our vehicle fleet permits us to guarantee delivery of all products in a reasonable time, with unloading by our forces, to our clients.
  • Mounting teams. We have mounting teams for installation of awnings, as well as for mounting of summer cafeterias and big objects; when it is needed, we also invite hoist machinery and industrial climbers to the works.
  • Design studiois a group of professional designers and experienced projectors who have projected hundreds of objects including the most complicated and demanding experience and high professional approach.

production of each object and product is under control of a project manager who coordinates activities of all departments. His tasks include consulting a client on any issues concerning technical nuances, cost, lead term, service of objects, as well as informing about the work process, and consultations and recommendations after selling of the product.

Production in Moscow

Moscow region,
Shchelkovsky district, Shchelkovo, Rabochaya street

Production in St.Petersburg

Roshchinskaya street, 2

Telephone:+7 (812) 572-44-44
Telephone:+7 (812) 575-77-55
Faxс:+7 (812) 575-77-55