Design and projecting

We produce products that will not only bring more comfort to your life and more success to your business. We like to create awnings that by its design can transform a house or landscape where they are installed, create good mood and fill with joy and style even the most average day. That is why we devote so much time to design elaboration.

We should specially note projecting of objects; while construction of pavilions, presentation stages, different individual constructions, etc, it is necessary to calculate precisely the pressure that this construction ought to stand, consider wearing of materials: all this demands professionalism and experience that our specialists surely possess. offers you service of professionals, designers and projectors who can make the first steps of awnings or summer cafeterias production on the highest level.

Creating of a design layout

If you want to order an awning and you need a design layout, you can use our program of awning selection, it can help you to choose a colour of the awning fabric considering the colour and specialities of you house wall.

If you want to order creating a design layout, just send us a picture of surface for the future object, i.e your terrace, window, etc, and out designers will quickly draw a ready product in 3D for you that will be attached to your picture. This design layout will help you to decide how your future awning should look like, from model and fabric colour to size and shape of lambrequin.

When you order a design layout of a summer cafeteria, please inform us what demands you have to the future object, and our designers will strictly follow your brand book and offer you different variants from which you can choose the one you like best.

  • Picture before
  • Design layout
  • Ready object

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