Mounting, dismounting, storage of awnings

Our clients often ask us if they can mount an awning by themselves.

In most cases, it is possible; folding arm, cassette, vertical, canopy, drop. And side awnings are being mounted on 2-4 brackets that are included in the complete set, and, if you want to make mounting yourselves, we can provide all necessary materials and consultation.

If you want to order an awning with mounting, it will be made maximally fast and professionally; besides in this case the delivery will be free.

In some cases, e.g. when the wall is difficult of the awning demands only highly qualified mounting and regulating (e.g. Pergola awning), we recommend you to order the mounting only to our specialist.

Mounting costs 15-20% of the order cost, depending on the difficulty.
In case when mounting demands industrial climbers or additional technique, the cost might rise.

Storage of business objects

Apart from professional mounting and dismounting of all constructions we produce, we also offer storage of summer cafeterias in winter period.

We discuss time and other details of future activities with the customer in order to provide the most rapid mounting, which is especially important for summer cafeterias and restaurants which keep working and receiving visitors at this time.

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