Repair of awnings, tents, and pavilions

if your awning demands repair and regulating, we will fulfill this work quickly and qualitatively. Our experience in awning production permits us to find out the reason of awning dysfunction quickly; all spare parts for awnings of any sizes are always available on our storage.

If you observe all conditions of exploitation ,the awning’s mechanism can serve up to 10 years and more, that is why the most frequent order for awning repair is reupholstery of awning fabric. In cases the fabric carries out its functions, reupholstery might be needed in case of rebranding or change of corporative colours, or if you decided to change the image of your house drastically.

If you need to make reupholstery on your awning, you can bring your awning to our production department yourself, or order dismounting, delivery and mounting by our forces. The cost of works is calculated depending from type and sizes on your awning.

Regulating (change of slope angle) of the awning can be easily carried out by oneself, but you also can invite our specialist for this work, if you wish.

You can alsways apply to us on any issues that concern your awnings exploitation.

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