Flamingo summer cafeteria, Bella Vista restaurant, St.Petersburg, Angliyskaya nab. 35

August '11 Realization term:
10 days


Distinct speciality of this terrace is the fact that it is situated in the centre of the city, and it is forbidden to attach awnings to the facades of buildings there. As the façade of the building has a shelf, and waterspouts are present, it was decided to install a Flamingo construction with awnings, and cover the gap between the wall and the awning sonstruction with a special shed made of aluminium frame with fabric stretched on it. The awnings are place one over another, which protects the terrace from rain drops. Wooden podium and fencing coloured according to RAL scale serve as counterweight for the whole construction.


  • Flamingo summer cafeteria of four sections
  • Fabric colour blanco
  • Frame colour white
  • Print on the canvas in single colour
  • Print on the lambrequin in single colour
  • Manual operating
  • Wooden podium
  • Wooden fencing
  • Aluminium shed for drain of rain water, upholstered with Dralon fabric
  • painting of frame, podium, fencings according to RAL

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