РThe topic "Projects" replenishes all the time, here we present examples of every type of construction that we produce: there are sun-protective awnings for private houses, summer cafeterias, awnings, awnings with advertisment for shops and offices, etc. All public projects of our company are represented below; on the right you can select projects with certain awning construction, by the sphere of application or by the date of project completion.

Calypso, TsUM (Central Moscow Department Store)
August 2017Moscow42 drop arm awnings Calypso with frame colouring, print on canvas, and automatic equipment with remote controls for TsUM.
Calypso Premium, private apartment
July 2017St.Petersburg, Smoly parkTwo cassette drop arm Calypso Premium for windows of a private apartment.
Calypso, the Kvartira cafeteria
May 2017KhimkiThree drop awnings Calypso with a contrasting lambrequin and print for the Kvartira cafeteria.
Calypso, Keb House and Good Coffee kiosk
May 2017PavlovskThree drop awnings Calypso for the Keb House & Good coffee kiosk.
Calypso, Prime cafe
May 2017Moscow, Taganskaya squareDrop arm awning Calypso with manual operating for the Prime cafe.
Calypso, the Cure bar
AprilS 2017Moscow, Leningradsky prospectDrop arm awning Calypso with print on lambrequin for the Cure bar.
Calypso, Monopol bar
AprilS 2017Moscow, Tverskaya streetThree drop arm awnings Calypso with frame coloured according to RAL cataloue for the Monopol bar.
Calypso, the Muka cafe
March 2017St.Petersburg, Gavanskaya streetTwo drop arm awnings Calypso, and a nonfolding shed for the door made by a similar design as window awnings.
Calypso, Tverskaya 04 shop
January 2017Moscow, Tverskaya streetDrop arm awning Calypso with print for the Tverskaya 04 shop
Drop arm awnings, Petrovsky Passage
July 2016Moscow64 drop arm awnings Calypso for the Petrovsky Passage supermarket.
Calypso, Jean-Jacques restaurant
March 2016Moscow, Leninsky prospectTwo drop-arm awnings Calypso with manual operating for the Jean-Jacques restaurant.
Drop arm awnings, La Villa restaurant
January 2016Moscow, Ryazansky prospectFour drop arm awnings with print on lambrequins for La Villa restaurant
Drop arm awnings, GastroPub Hardy
December 2015Moscow, Maroseyka streetTwo drop arm awnings Calypso with manual operating and frame colouring in black colour, for the Hardy Gastropub.
Calypso, private apartment
November 2015MOSCOW, Pokrovka streetDrop arm awning Calypso for a balcony of a private apartment.
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
November 2015Terpigorievo village10 vertical awnings for a private countryside house.
Calypso, Belka restaurant of the Ginza Project network
October 2015ST.PETERSBURG, Rybatskaya streetA new project for the Ginza Project network, five drop arm awnings for the Belka restaurant. Dainty form and contrasting print give elegant view to the facade. In order to make the awning correspond to the corporate style, the frame was coloured black.
Calypso, Pomegranate cafeteria
October 2015ST.PETERSBURG, Nevsky prospectFor the windows of the Pomegranate cafeteria we have produced four drop arm Calypso awnings with print on lambrequin.
Calypso, Coyote Ugly Bar
October 2015MOSCOW, Stoleshnikov laneThe main exterior attribute of any restaurant or cafeteria is the awnings. For the Coyote Ugly bar we have prduced wix drop arm awnings Calypso with print on lambrequins.
Calipso. sales office
September 2015MOSCOW, Saburovo villageIn this project we have produced fourteen drop arm awnings Calypso. In this case the awnings fulfil decorative function in a sales office of a constructin company, because even indoors the awnings rise spirits to the visitors and create cozy homelike atmosphere.
Calypso, Sever confectionary
August 2015ST.PETERSBURGIn this project we have produced Calypso drop arm awnings for the Sever confectionary.The awnings work as advertisement place, protect the facility from overheat, and create cozy environment inside.
Calypso, Chop-chop salon
August 2015MOSCOW, Nikitinsky boulevardThe best choice for decoration of an entrance is a drop arm awning Calypso. Exclusively favourable fabric colour emphasizes elegancy of the salon; the awning is easy to operate and perfectly fuflils all its functions.
Calypso, Bakery No.13
July 2015ST.PETERSBURG, Sytninskaya streetBright Calypso awning has in no time transformed the facade of "Bakery No.13"; they gave it a cozy, homelike and attractive appearance which is so important for success. Now windows covered with grid do not like severe, and the facility do not overheat.
Calypso, Costume Code shop
May 2015MOSCOW, Barykovsky laneFor the Costume code shop we have produced frou drop arm awnings Calypso with manual operating. These awnings are the most quick and effective way to transform the facade, make it rememberable and attractive.
Calypso, One Teaspoon shop
May 2015MOSCOW, Yauzsky alleyThis bright awning was produced for the One teaspoon shop. This durable, light construction perfectly fits the entrance to the shop/ It carries out functions of sign and advertisement: it is impossible not to notice this sunny fabric colour; logo is printed on the awning lambrequin.
Calypso, Jean-Jacques Restaurant
March 2015MOSCOW, Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya streetIn this project we have produced two drop arm awnings Calypso for the Jean-Jacques restaurant. These awnings are the best solution for decorating windows and protecting them from direct sun rays.
February 2015MOSCOW, MALAYA BRONNAYA STREETFor a Cream Dream confectionary we have produced two drop arm Calypso awnings that advantageously highlight the facade and work as advertising ground, thanks to print on lambrequins.
Calypso, Yaposha restaurant
January 2015St.Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya streetDrop arm awning Calypso is a simple and effective way of quick decoration of a restaurant's entrance, a wya to make in attractive; even without printed inscriptions, the awning can attract attention and make the facade rememberable, thus working as additional advertisement.
December 2014MOSCOW, KUZNETSKY MOST STREETFor the Elena Miro shop, we have produced 6 drop arm awnings Calypso. Elegant light constructions are mounted on apertures; they decorate windows and entrance and perfectly match the façade. Logos are printed on lambrequins of the awnings.
Calypso, Glass shed over the entrance, GARLAND STAKEHOUSE STEAK SHOP&SHOW
December 2014ST.PETERSBURG, RUBINSTEINA STREETIn this project we have produced four drop arm Calypso awnings with inscriptions print on lambrequins. Awning frame is coloured. For decoration of the entrance we have produced a glass shed resembling the awning shape.
November 2014St.Petersburg, Marata streetFor the Sulo&Gulo restaurant we have produced two drop arm Calypso awnings with print on lambrequins. One of advantages of this construction is their functionality, they can be mounted into window apertures, and thus decorative elements of the façade do not block mounting.
November 2014Moscow, Kozikhinsky laneFor the Brownie cafe we have produced 4 drop arm awnings Calypso for windows and entrance. The awnings protect the facility from direct sun rays, decorate the façade. Inscriptions are printed over the canvas of awnings.
September 2014ST.PETERSBURG, BOLSHAYA MOSKOVSKAYA STREETFor the Elu coffee bar we have produced a drop arm Calypso awning that decorates the entrance and works as additional advertisement. Logos are printed on canvas and lambrequins.
July 2014ST.PETERSBURG, SADOVAYA STREETFor the Provence bakery we have produced two drop arm Calypso awnings. This is a perfect solution for decoration of windows and doors, they are simple in mounting, easy to operate, and can be attached to the façade, window apertures, or frames.
July 2014MOSCOW, OKTYABRSKAYA STREETThis project is a sample of print on canvas that is used a good advertisement instrument. The Calypso drop arm awning works as sun protection, advertisement, and makes the entrance noticeable and recognizable.
July 2014ST.PETERSBURG, NOVY OKKERVILIn this case attachment of an awning to the façade was not wanted; so for the McDonalds fast food restaurant we have produced a Flamingo summer terrace that does not need mounting on the façade.
January 2014MoscowFor the Dobryninsky and Partners confectionary and deli we have produced 3 drop arm Calypso awnings. These awnings are simple and quick way to attract attention to the façade, and protect the facility from overheating.
December 2013ST.PETERSBURG, SREDNIY PROSPECT OF VASILIEVSKY ISLANDWe have produced 9 drop arm Calypso awnings for Middle Pub. These awnings perfectly fit any type of windows, successfully mark the façade, and make it recognizable. These light awnings can be mounted on window apertures, both on reveals and on window frames.
December 2013MOSCOW, PODSOSENSKY LANEIn this project we produced a drop arm Calypso awning for private house windows. Durable construction and its elegant look permit this construction to stay the most popular model for windows.
October 2013MOSCOW, 1ST OSTANKINSKAYA STREETFor the KFC fast food restaurant, we have produced three drop arm Calypso awnings. The classical model in irreproachable performance perfectly fulfils both practical and decorative functions, prevent overheat of the facility which permits to save sufficiently of its conditioning, attract attention and make the façade recognizable.
October 2013MOSCOW, KUZNETSKY MOST STREETIn this project for the Tommy Hilfiger shop we have produced 5 drop arm Calypso awnings with several additional options. In order to reach certain coincidence of fabric colour with corporate colour, we have used fabric with neutral light colour with painting of canvas according to Pantone scale. Logos are printed on lambrequins of awnings; besides, on request of the customer, we have sewn ballast into lambrequins in order to avoid turning of fabric on the wind covering the logos. The frame is painted according to RAL catalogue.
Calypso, Interior boutique Interiors by Flamant
August 2013Saint-Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya streetThese elegant drop arm Calypso awnings were produced for the Interiors by Flamant interior boutique. Our awnings look extremely airy and attractively
Sienna, Calypso, Lubyanka cafeteria
August 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Lubyanka streetFor the Lubyanka cafeteria, we have produced two canopy awnings Sienna and five drop arm awnings Calypso.
Summer cafeteria, Calypso, Buddha-bar
July 2013Saint-Petersburg, Sinopskaya embankmentIn this project we have equipped a summer terrace for a lounge restaurant Buddha-bar. The base of the construction consists of Pergola awning of two modules; drop awnings Calypso are mounted additionally on vertical pillars.
Calypso, Nihao restaurant
July 2013Saint Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor the Nihao restaurant, we have produced a wall cafeteria, and 7 awnings for the second floor windows. The summer terrace consists of metal frame with a tent made of Dralon fabric, with metal fence and wooden podium. Logos
Calypso, City Grill Express restaurant
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Vosstania streetIn this project, for the City Grill Express restaurant we have produced a drop arm awning Calypso with manual operating.
Calypso, Coffeeshop Company
June 2013Moscow, Solyanka streetIn this project for the Coffeeshop Company network we have produced 5 classical drop arm awnings Calypso with manual operating.
Calypso, Beauty salon S.O.L.T.
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Moika embankmentFor the beauty salon S.O.L.T., we have produced 4 drop arm awnings Calypso with print on lambrequins. According to the wish of our customer, the awnings were mounted on the window aperture
Calypso, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
June 2013Moscow, Krasnaya Presnya streetIn our next project for the Chocoladnitsa network, we have produced four drop arm awnings Calypso for protection of the facility of the coffee bar from direct sun rays and overheating.
 Calypso, The Rug Company salon
June 2013St.Petersburg, Bolshoy prospectFor a salon of designers carpets The Rug Company, it was needed to produce awnings for shop windows and doors. Our drop arm Calypso awnings with Granate fabric perfectly fulfill these tasks: they have transformed the façade
Calypso, Countryside house
June 2013Moscow region, Daryino villageDrop arm awnings Calypso are irreplaceable for shading windows; they perfectly protect the facility form direct sun rays and overheating
Calypso, Lumiere House
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Korpusnaya streetFor a residential compound Lumiere House, we have produced 15 drop awnings Calypso. These elegant light awnings perfectly fit with any façade; they make it more recognizable and graceful.
Calypso, Furniture salon
AprilS 2013Moscow, Frunzenskaya embankmentFor this furniture salon, we have produced five drop arm awnings Calypso. The awnings look smart and elegant
Calypso, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
AprilS 2013Moscow, Klimentovsky laneFor this coffee bar of Chocoladnitsa network, we have produced six drop arm awnings Calypso with manual operating;
Calypso, Chocoladnitsa coffe bar
AprilS 2013Moscow, Myasnitskaya street, 14In this project, for the network of Chocoladnitsa coffee bars, we have used a drop arm awning Calypso with manual operating.
Calypso, Terra pub
March 2013Moscow, Shabolovka streetThis drop arm awning Calypso with manual operating we have produced for the Terra pub. This universal, simple in mounting and exploitation model became the best decoration for the exterior.
Sienna, KrolikiBar
March 2013St.Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya streetFor a new outlet of the KrolikiBar network, an awning for decoration of entrance was needed. We have produced a rectangular canopy awning Sienna; its fabric Verde Botella repeats the corporate colour of the network.
Calypso, Supermarket
March 2013St.Petersburg, Udarnikov prospectDrop arm awnings Calypso are wonderful choice for small and medium business. This non-expensive model serves as an excellent advertisement instrument; it is quickly produced and installed.
Calypso, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
February 2013Moscow, Miklukho-Maklay streetDrop arm awning Calypso is the most widely spread solution for situations when it is necessary to equip a window for takeaway trade. Such awning works as a shed for customers, protects the facility from sun, and serves as an advertisement. In this case we have
Calypso, Coffeshop Company
February 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka streetIn this project, we have produced a drop awning Calypso for one of Coffeeshop coffee bars. This is an awning with manual operating
Calypso, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
December 2012Moscow, Tverskaya St.In this project, we have produced a Calypso drop awning for one of coffee bars of the Chocoladnitsa network. An awning that would protect customers from foul weather and attract attention of hurrying passer-bys, was needed for
Calypso, Kolobok bistro
November 2012St.Petersburg, Moskovsky prospectFor the Kolobok bistro, we have produced two drop arm Calypso awnings. These light and non-expensive awnings are one of the best solutions for windows and shop windows. They look nice, are durable, simple in operating, and permit to regulate the light in the facility by change of the slope angle.
 Calypso, Venezia beauty studio
October 2012Moscow, Lavrushinsky pereulokIn this project, for our customer, the Venezia beauty studio, we have produced two Calypso drop arm awnings. For a beauty studio, the ability of our awnings to raise and go down
Calypso, Private apartment
September 2012Moscow, Moskvorechia St.This is one more project where a balcony of a private apartment was supposed to be covered with an awning. For this purpose, a drop awning Calypso is usually chosen; because of its lightness, nice appearance, easy mounting, it is the best construction for
Calypso, Private apartment
September 2012Moscow region, Elektrostal cityThis is an example of using a drop arm Calypso awning on a balcony of a private apartment. This is one of the simplest ways to cover the balcony from sun, rain, and falling leaves. Light and non-expensive Calypso awnings easily fulfils these functions.
Calypso, MarketPlace restaurant
September 2012St.Petersburg, Isaakievskaya squareFor the MarketPlace restaurant, we have made drop arm window awnings Calypso and a Samolet summer cafeteria. Drop arm awnings once again showed their best qualities, that are presentable appearance and light weight that permits to mount these awning where
Calypso, Vabi Sabi restaurant
September 2012Moscow, Novaya Radishchevskaya St.For the Vabi Sabi restaurant, we have produced six drop arm Calypso awnings. They protect the facility of the restaurant from overheating, create comfortable environment
Calypso, Etage restaurant
August 2012Moscow, Piatnitskaya St.For two stories of one of restaurant of the Etage network, we have produced 12 drop arm Calypso awnings. Our customer has chosen yellow fabric Amarillo; its bright colour most of all matches with dynamic style of this network.
Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
August 2012St.Petersburg, Engelsa prospectIn this project, we have produced three drop arm Calypso awnings for the Chocoladnitsa coffee bar. Despite that in this case the cafeteria windows are placed under the roof, the awnings carry out the function of additional protection
Calypso, Michel Exertier beauty salon
August 2012Moscow, Rossolimo St.Awnings are irreplaceable advertisement instrument not only for restaurants and shops. In this project, we have produced three Calypso drop arm window awnings for one of Michel Exertier beauty salons. By opening the awnings
Calypso, Dve palochki restaurant
August 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectIn this project, we have produced 11 drop arm awning for The Two Chopsticks restaurant on Nevsky prospect. In this case one can note a memorable print on fabric that is printed on both canvas and lambrequins of the awnings.
Ventura Premium, Calypso, Dve palochki restaurant
July 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor this restaurant of the Two Chopsticks network, we have produced drop arm Calypso awnings for windows, as well as a wall summer cafeteria in its classical performance – installation of Ventura Premium folding arm awnings on the façade of the building.
Calypso, Swissam business school
June 2012St.Petersburg, Dobrolyubova prospectOne of our hugest and most interesting orders is installation of 88 drop arm awnings on the façade of the Swissam business school of management in service industry. It was not our first project where we install from several dozen up to almost 100 awnings at a time
Calypso, The Long Tail restaurant
June 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor two stories of a new restaurant of pan-Asian cuisine, the Long Tail, we have made 26 Calypso drop arm awnings, and a wall summer terrace. The awnings highlight the façade of this non-conventional restaurant among numerous outlets in the very heart of St.Petersburg
Calypso, Bontempi restaurant
May 2012Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankmentFor the Bontempi restaurant in Moscow, we have produced 8 drop awnings Calypso. Bright and elegant awnings support the corporate style of the restaurant and create comfortable environment inside.
Calypso, Countryside house
May 2012Moscow region, Gribki villageWindow awnings on the windows of countryside houses are a real rescue from summer heat. They do not just protect the facility from overheating, but also permit to regulate light, not to close windows on a summer day, serve as a decoration of the façade.
Calypso, Sweet Home cafeteria
May 2012Moscow, Myasnitskaya St. For Sweet Home cafeteria, it was needed to produce an awning that could work as an advertisement for the outlet and continue the corporate style. In this case, we have chosen a classical drop arm awning Calypso, with nave fabric and golden inscription on the lambrequin.
Wall summer cafeteria, Calypso, Ventura Premium, Takao sushi bar
May 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor a two storey Takao sushi bar, we have produced not only summer terrace, but also awnings for windows. The terrace is made as a wall summer cafeteria; five Calypso drop arm awnings were made for
Calypso, Coffemania coffee bar
AprilS 2012Moscow, Tverskaya St.This project perfectly illustrates the advantages of window awnings: lightness, simplicity, durability and attractive appearance. This light construction permits to mount them on window frames.
Calypso, Sienna, La Femme beauty centre
January 2012Moscow, Panfilova St.For the La Femme beauty and health centre, we have produced 8 awnings: for windows of arch shape, Sienna canopy awnings were chosen, and for rectangular windows, Calypso drop arm awnings.
Calypso, Cabinet cafeteria
October 2011Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka St.Drop arm awnings Calypso are irreplaceable when it is needed to decorate windows of cafeterias or restaurants. In this project, they serve as a stylish advertisement instrument; they decorate the cafeteria and distinguish
Como awning with retractable Vario-volant, Calypso, Countryside house
September 2011St.Petersburg, Krasnaya Gorka villageIn this project, we have produced drop arm Calypso awnings for our client who was already acquainted with our product; we had already installed a retractable cassette awning for the terrace of this house
 Calypso, Sienna, XII Apostles restaurant
September 2011St.Petersburg, Ismailovsky prospectFor the XII Apostles restaurant, we have produced drop arm Calypso awning and Sienna canopy awning. There is decorative molding on the façade over the entrance; in these cases the awnings are usually mounted into the window aperture
Calypso, Countryside house
July 2011Leningrad region, Pervomayskoe villageIn this project, our customer has chosen drop arm awnings Calypso for the windows of his countryside house. These light, simple in mounting and operating awnings will not just prevent overheating of the facility
Samolet, Ventura Premium, Calypso, Abkhazia cafeteria
July 2011St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectIn this project, we have produced awnings for windows of Abkhazia cafeteria, and a Samolet construction for a summer terrace. We have chosen the same style for all awnings: red fabric and lambrequins of the same shape and width.
Window awnings, Coffee bar Doppio
June 2011Москва, Zubovskaya St., 7When you hurry on errands, go to work, or just stroll, they will make you a wonderful take-away coffee in Doppio coffee bar. Because it is served to clients outdoors, it is not possible to do without awnings
Ventura Premium, Calypso Wind, Serafino restaurant
May 2011St.Petersburg, Chernyshevsly St.For a summer terrace of the Serafino restaurant, we have produced 4 Ventura Premium awnings, as well as a podium and fencing. Three awnings were mounted directly on the building façade, and one more on special remote brackets
Window awnings, Orloffsky bread Coffee bar
May 2011Moscow, New Arbat In this project, elegant and light window awnings were drawn to highlight warm atmosphere of the Orloffsky bread coffe bar. Fresh peach colour of fabric
Calypso, Hairdresser’s salon
March 2011St.Petersburg, Budapestskaya St.Calypso drop arm awnings are an excellent instrument not only for big business, but also for medium and small. In this case, this light and non-expensive model made the beauty salon
Calypso, CoffeeParty
August 2010St.Petersburg, Ordinarnaya St.CoffeeParty Pizza, Pasta & Bar have ordered five drop arm awnings with print on canvas and lambrequins. This is a wonderful example how, simply installing awnings, one can easily transform the façade of the edifice and attract attention to the outlet.
Calypso, Private apartment
July 2010St.Petersburg, Sofiyskaya St.In this project, it was needed to protect a city apartment balcony from sun and rain. Folding arm awning or drop arm (window) awning could fit for it; our customer set up his mind on the drop arm awning Calypso. Light plain fabric of pearl colour was selected
Calypso, Sienna, Escada shop
July 2010St.Petersburg, Bolshoy prospect PSFor Escada shop, we have produced 11 drop arm Calypso awnings and 5 Sienna canopy awnings. According to demands to the design, the frame was powder coated in golden colour; besides, print was made on the awnings lambrequins.
 Ventura Premium, Calypso, Countryside house
July 2010Leningrad region, Luga townFolding arm awnings Ventura Premium are irreplaceable for porches of countryside cottages. In this project, the width of the porch (6,5 m) permitted to cover the whole aperture with only one awning; however, our customer
Calypso, Rialto beauty salon
AprilS 2010St.Petersburg, Podolskaya streetFor Rialto beaty salons, we have produced teo drop arm awnings Calypso that, as usually in business projects, work both as sun protection, and advertisement. On the burgundy canvas of the awning
Calypso, Trade pavilion
June 2009St.Petersburg, Veteranov prospectDrop arm awnings are an excellent solution for trade pavilions. Glass surfaces are being heated easily, and awnings permit to decrease temperature in the facility and protect the goods in the shop window from overheating.
Window awnings, Bosco di Ciliegi
November 2008St.Petersburg, Big prospect PSAccording to the order of Bosco di Ciliegi, we have produced awnings for three stories of their tied outlet: a canopy awning is used over the entrance, and window awnings with mounting into the aperture
Window awnings Calypso, Parmesan pizzeria
August 2008St.Petersburg, Leninsky prospektFour window awnings for parmesan pizzeria were produced with big projection from wall; this/ together with bright corporate orange colour, permits not just close the windows almost completely