РThe topic "Projects" replenishes all the time, here we present examples of every type of construction that we produce: there are sun-protective awnings for private houses, summer cafeterias, awnings, awnings with advertisment for shops and offices, etc. All public projects of our company are represented below; on the right you can select projects with certain awning construction, by the sphere of application or by the date of project completion.

Sienna, Pergola, Kurortny hotel
August 2017YessentukiFor the Kurortny hotel in Yessentuki town we have produced three types of awnings: Pergola for terace on the roof, retractable cassette awning Como, and canopy awnings Sienna for windows with logos printed on canvas.
Sienna, Dr. Anders
July 2017St.PetersburgA canopy awning Sienna for Dr. Anders
Canopy awnings Sienna
June 2017Moscow, Taganskaya squareTwelve canopy awnings Sienna for windows.
Sienna, Riga Land business centre
June 2017, Moscovsky regionCanopy awning Sienna for the Riga Land business centre.
Sienna, Royce cafeteria
May 2017Moscow, Tverskaya-Yamskaya streetCanopy awning Sienna for the Royce cafeteria.
Sienna, Pro Vino shop
AprilS 2017Moscow, Tarasa Shevchenko embankmentRe-upholstery of four canopy awnings Sienna дfor the Pro Vino shop.
Ventura Premium, private house
February 2017Luginino villageFolding arm awning Ventura Premium with electric gear operating and wireless wind sensor, and two canopy awnings Sienna for a private house
Sienna, dress workshop
January 2017Moscow, Airport driveCanopy awning of a semicircular shape with print on canvas for a dress workshop.
Sienna, Stargorod cafeteria
December 2016RyazanThree canopy awnings Sienna with print on lambrequin for the Stargorod cafeteria
Re-upholstery of awnings, Prime cafe
December 2016Moscow, Rozhdestvenka streetFabric change for a canopy awning for the Prime Cafe.
Sienna, private house
July 2016Dolgoprudny townCanopy awnings Sienna with elevation mechanism and electric gear for windows of a private house.
Sienna, Louis Vuitton
June 2016SochiCanopy awning Sienna with print and decoration with a cintrast ribbon for a Louis Vuitton boutique in Sochi
Sienna, Prime cafe
February 2016For the Prime cafe we have produced two canopy awnings of rectangular shape Sienna with single colour print on canvas.
Sienna, Prime cafe
February 2016Moscow, Solyanka streetThree canopy awnings Sienna of rectangular shape for the Prime cafe.
Sienna, private house
November 2015Marfino villageIn this project we have produced 11 canopy awnings Sienna with print on canvas for a private house.
Sienna, GUM
July 2015MOSCOWIn this project we have produced 42 canopy awnings Sienna for the GUM shop. These awnings are an ideal choice for arch-shape windows; in this case two fabric colours were used for these awnings, with logo prints, as well as a speciality, a trapezium-shape wave on lambrequin.
Sienna, Sberbank
March 2015ST.PETERSBURGCanopy awnings for the Sberbank office
Sienna, The Arka bar
February 2015St.Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya streetFor the Arka bar, we have produced 7 canopy awnings Sienna. These durable awnings protect the facility from direct sun rays, decorate the facade, and work as a perfect advertisement due to the print on its canvas.
Curtains Screen, Sienna, COUNTRYSIDE HOUSE
February 2015Serebryany Bor, Moskovsky regionIn this project we have produced a canopy awning Sienna for the house entrance, and vertical protective curtains Screen with transparent inserts Cristall. These screens are the best protection from bad weather, wind, or snow. The screens are equipped with belts; they permit to roll the screens up and keep them in a raised positions.
Sienna, PRO VINO
February 2015Moscow, Tarasa Shevchenko embankmentIn this project we have prduced four canopy awnings Sienna. We make canopy awnings of different shape, both folding and stationary. In this case our customer had chosen an awning of an unusual shape.
February 2015MOSCOW, NIKOLSKAYA STREETFor the Red mango coffee bar we have produced three canopy awnings Sienna. It is one of the most popular solutions for decorating windows of different shape, including traditional rectangular.
January 2015MOSCOW, NIKOLSKAYA STREETIn this project we have produced a canopy awning Sienna. Canopy awnings perfectly match apertures of different shapes, both rectangular and arch. In this case the awning is of rectangular shape. Single colour print is made on canvas and lambrequin.
December 2014MOSCOW, MALAYA BRONNAYA STREETFor the brasseria Bouchon we have produced nine canopy awnings Sienna that decorate the entrance. To facilitate folding up, the awnings are additionally equipped with elevating mechanisms.
December 2014MOSCOW, NOVINSKY ALLEYIn this project we have produced a Sienna canopy awning of rectangular shape, a classical solution for decorating of the entrance. Multi-colour logo is printed on the awning canvas.
December 2014PODOLSK, BOLSHAYA SERPUKHOVSKAYA STREETFor the Bon Appetit cafeteria we have produced a canopy awning Sienna of rectangular shape. In this case the awning fulfils decorative function and visually divides the facility. Single colour print is made on lambrequin.
December 2014ST.PETERSBURG, BOLSHAYA KONYUSHENNAYA STREETIn this project we have produced a round shape canopy awning Sienna that serves as decoration to the entrance. Logo is printed on the lambrequin; it works as a sign and advertisement.
December 2014MOSCOW, TSVETNOY ALLEYFor the fast food restaurant Glowsubs we have produced a canopy awning Sienna of rectangular shape. For kiosks of take-away shops, awnings are just irreplaceable: they work both as sign and advertisement, they protect the facility from overheat, create comfortable environment for cafeteria workers and visitors.
Canopy awning for a confectionery shop
November 2014Moscow, Ladozhskaya streetSienna canopy awnings ideally fit for decorating both windows of different shapes and doors. At the same time, they work as an advertisement and a sign, thanks to logos and inscriptions printed on fabric.
November 2014Moscow, Oruzheynaya streetFor a complex that includes a restaurant, a salon, an events hall, and a karaoke, we have produced 6 canopy awnings Sienna. Prints are made on the awnings canvases, and thus they work as an advertisement instrument.
September 2014ST.PETERSBURG, NEVSKY PROSPECTFor a new official shop of Zenith soccer club, we have produced 10 canopy Sienna awnings with printing logos of the club on canvas. Round awnings fit ideally arch shape windows.
September 2014MOSCOW, KUTUZOVSKY PROSPECTFor one of the Azbuka Vkusa outlets, we have produced two Sienna canopy awnings. Bright and elegant awnings work as a wonderful advertising instrument. In order to facilitate folding up of the awnings, they are additionally equipped with an elevating mechanism.
August 2014MOSCOW, SPIRIDONIEVSKY LANEFor a restaurant of the Ginza Project Mari Vanna network we have produced a Sienna canopy awning for decorating of the entrance. The awning works as a perfect advertising instrument; we have used print on canvas, and complicated multicolour print on lambrequin.
July 2014ST.PETERSBURG, KAZANSKAYA STREETIn this project we have produced three canopy awnings Sienna for decoration of windows and entrance of the Starbucks coffee bar. The awnings bring individuality and recognizability to the façade.
AprilS 2014MOSCOW, BOLSHAYA YAKIMANKA STREETOur project for the Hymenaeus trade centre is interesting by the fact that in this case 19 canopy Sienna awnings are equipped with electric engines. Usually canopy awnings are made with manual mechanism of folding; however, electric engine permits easy operating of dozens of awnings simultaneously with a remote control. This is especially important when the awnings are placed on big height. In this case, round shape awnings ideally matched with façade of arch shape windows; logos and inscriptions are printed on the awnings.
Canopy awnings, WATCH EMPIRE
December 2013MOSCOW, PETROVSKY BOULEVARDFor the Empire of Clocks shop, we have produced non-folding awnings, sheds upholstered with Dralon fabric. These elegant constructions with advertisement printed on them nicely decorate windows and entrance to the shop.
Sienna, Damiani shop
August 2013Moscow, Stoleshnikov laneFor the Damiani shop in Moscow, we have produced a canopy awning Sienna. In this case we have used only two ribs, because our customer wanted an awning in a shape of a shed. Logo is printed on the awning lambrequin.
Sienna, Riva, Private house
August 2013Vsevolozhsk town, Holmistaya streetIn this project, we have produced 4 canopy awnings Sienna for windows of the first floor of a countryside house. They protect the facility from sun rays, overheating and fading of the interior, create cozy environment.
Sienna, Bar on Petrovsky boulevard
August 2013Moscow, Petrovsky boulevardIn this project, we have produced four canopy awnings Sienna for arch shape windows. The Sienna model is known for perfect decorative qualities; besides, these are the most durable canopy awnings
Sienna, Calypso, Lubyanka cafeteria
August 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Lubyanka streetFor the Lubyanka cafeteria, we have produced two canopy awnings Sienna and five drop arm awnings Calypso.
Sienna, Groom Room salon
August 2013Moscow, Petrovsky boulevardIn this project, for the Groom Room salon, we have made re-upholstery of canopy awnings and production of lambrequins with print.
Sienna, Bogner clothes boutique
July 2013Moscow, Prospect MiraFor the Bogner clothes boutique, we have produced canopy awnings Sienna. Thanks to these original awnings, the shop became noticeable and recognizable.
Sienna, Veleson pub and restaurant
July 2013Saint-Petersburg, Lunacharsky prospectFor the Veleson restaurant, we have produced a rectangular canopy awning Sienna and a tent of awning fabric. Logos are printed on canvas of the awning and tent.
Sienna, Camille Albane beauty salon
June 2013Moscow, Malaya Bronnaya streetFor the Camille Albane beauty salon, we have produced canopy awnings Sienna with extraordinary colour solution that perfectly match with general architectural style of the historical centre of the city.
Sienna,  Alpe cashmere boutique
June 2013Moscow, Novinsky boulevardThese elegant canopy awnings Sienna were produced by us for the Alpe cashmere boutique. Beige fabric perfectly match with brown decoration profile trimming
Sienna, 48 Chairs cafeteria
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Rubinsteina streetThe most quick and striking way to highlight a cafeteria among dozens of outlets in the centre of the city, and attract visitors, is to install canopy awnings Sienna.
Ventura Premium, Sienna, Countryside house
June 2013Moscow region, Konstantinovo vilageFor the terrace of this countryside house, we have produced a folding arm awning Ventura Premium with electric engine and wireless wind sensor. Besides, windows of a closed porch are shaded with rectangular canopy awnings Sienna.
Sienna, Tissura parlour
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Bolshoy prospectFor the Tissura parlour, we have produced four round canopy awnings Sienna. They decorate windows and entrance, highlight corporate style and emphasize the façade.
Sienna, Vatrushka cafeteria
May 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya streetFor the Vatrushka cafeteria, we produced six canopy awnings Sienna of arch shape. These awnings are ideal for arch apertures;
Sienna, Koritsa beauty salon
May 2013Saint-Petersburg, Razyezhaya street, 36These original canopy awnings Sienna we have produced for the Koritsa beauty salon. Coffee colour of fabric and contrasting print on canvas of the awnings perfectly match with
Sienna, The Assorti shop
May 2013Moscow, Armyansky roadA bright colour successfully selected by our customer underlines one of the main functions of canopy awnings, that is, advertisement and creation of positive image. The façade of this shop has transformed
Sienna, Ventura Premium, Biblioteka restaurant
May 2013Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky prospectIn this project, we produced awnings for three floors of the façade, as well as for interior of the Biblioteka restaurant. The first floor is decorated with
Sienna, Marchelli’s restaurant
AprilS 2013Saint-Petersburg, Odoevsky streetThis is a two-rib canopy awning Sienna for Marchelli’s restaurant in St.Petersburg. As the awning has quite big size
Sienna, La Prima restaurant
AprilS 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka streetIn this project, we have decorated the façade of La Prima restaurant. For the windows, our customer has chosen canopy awnings Sienna of rectangular shape with logos printing on canvas.
Sienna, Furniture salon
March 2013Kolomna, Lenina streetFor this furniture salon, we have produced a 4-rib canopy awning Sienna. A bright and attractive fabric Alsacia was used for the canvas of the awning
Sienna, Lena Lenina studio
March 2013Moscow, Balaklavsky prospect, Shtaer trade centreIn this project, we have made two canopy awnings Sienna for the Lena Lenina studios network. In this case, our customer preferred a two-rib awning with height less that projection from the wall
Sienna, Karavay shop
February 2013St.Petersburg, Leninsky prospectFor a shop of the Karavay network, we have produced four canopy awnings Sienna that have immediately made the facade attractive and recognizable.
Sienna, Office building
February 2013Moscow, Neglinnaya streetCanopy awnings Sienna are always a successful choice. In this project, we have produced a round canopy awning of classical shape with print in golden colour on a segment and lambrequin.
Sienna, Coffeeshop Company
February 2013Moscow, Domodedovo airportFor this coffee bar of the Coffeeshop Company network, we have produced 6 canopy awnings Sienna.
Sienna, Frame shop
January 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka St.For the Frame men’s wear shop, it was needed to produce an awning that fits to the facade, and highlights corporate style. Our customer has chosen a rectangular canopy awning of deep noble dark brown Café colour.
Sienna, The Beefsteak cafeteria
January 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya St.In this project, we have produced 6 two-rib canopy awnings for The Beefsteak cafeteria. Our customer preferred black and white palette; this classical combination perfectly fit this elegant façade.
Sienna, CoffeeShop coffee bar
January 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka St.For a CoffeeShop coffee bar network outlet, it was needed to make a classical canopy awning, the best solution for arch apertures. Elegant form and deep noble colour of fabric always look advantageous. The awning attracts attention, and at the same time it looks natural on the facade.
Sienna, Prival cafeteria
December 2012Moscow, Novokurkinskoe chaussee, 1For the Prival cafeteria that is situated in a building of a trade centre, we have produced three Sienna canopy awnings that can create cozy atmosphere and highlight the outlet among other restaurants and cafeterias. The awnings are made in summer green-yellow colours; they attract attention and raise spirits.
Sienna, Lena Lenina studio
December 2012Moscow, Prazhsky Grad trade centreThese rectangular canopy awnings Sienna were produced for Lena Lenina studio. As this studio is situated in the building of a trade centre, the awnings here fulfill only decorative and advertisement function; awnings of traditional cupola shape are the best for it.
Sienna, Bon Pain bakery
November 2012Moscow, Vernadskogo prospectFor an opening soon new shop of the Bon Pain bakeries network, we have produced a Sienna canopy awning with print on canvas and lambrequin. Our customer preferred coffee fabric colour, light logo and straight lambrequin
Sienna, Salon Dalood
November 2012Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya streetIn this project, we produced two canopy awnings of rectangular shape. These are elegant four-rib awnings with print of logo on the lambrequin
Sienna, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
October 2012Moscow, Vozdvizhenka St.This is a Sienna canopy awning produced by us in a traditional for this network style: burgundy fabric with white print on lambrequin. The awning over the door plays the role of decorative element
Sienna, Office
October 2012Moscow, Victory squareIn this project, we have produced Sienna canopy awning that decorates the entrance to the office facility. This is a classical four-rib awning of burgundy fabric Granate;
Sienna, Da Vita shop
October 2012St.Petersburg, Karavannaya St.For a new cosmetics shop Da Vita, we have produced three rectangular canopy awnings Sienna. Deep blue colour of fabric decorates the façade, and before entering the shop, suggests the atmosphere of sophistication.
Sienna, Caravay shop and cafeteria
October 2012St.Petersburg, Stachek prospectThese four canopy awnings Sienna are produced by us for a shop of Caravay network. Here we have used fabric that coincides with the network corporate colour
Sienna, The Seasons hotel
September 2012St.Petersburg, Liteiny prospectIn this project, we have produced 7 canopy awnings for the Seasons hotel. The awning with the logos printed on the canvas highlight the windows of the hotel and give awareness to the exterior. The awnings are mounted into the window apertures.
Sienna, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
August 2012St.Petersburg, Karavannaya St.For one of the outlets of the Chocoladnitsa coffee bar network, we have produced four Sienna canopy awnings with print on fabric. The recognizable style of the network is underlined by the deep colour of fabric, and, of course, logos on lambrequins.
Sienna, The City Cafeteria 317
August 2012Moscow, Gluboky laneIn this peoject, we have produced four canopy awnings for the cafeteria The City Cafeteria 317. Black awnings with white logos look elegant and striking
Sienna, Almas real estate agency
July 2012St.Petersburg, Tavricheskaya St.Sienna canopy awnings are the best what can be offered for decoration of windows and doors. They give a more trimmed image to the façade at once, and an awning with logos and inscriptions on it is the best advertisement for any office.
Sienna, House of jewelry traditions
July 2012Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka streetWhen it is necessary to decorate windows or doors of arch shape, Sienna canopy awnings turn to be the most obvious choice. They can be made up to 6 m wide, that is why they fit even for widest doors and windows.
Sienna, Delicatesse shop
July 2012Moscow, Ismailovsky prospectThese four Sienna canopy awnings decorate the façade of the shop. “Tasty” coffee fabric colour is the best suitable for the delicatessen shop; decorative ledges are selected of the same colour
Sienna, Luciano cafeteria
July 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor the Luciano cafeteria, we have produced five Sienna canopy awnings. Their speciality is that here we use only two ribs (usually canopies are made with three, four, or five ribs). These awnings can’t be folded up
Sienna, Private apartment
July 2012Moscow, Zvenigorodskaye chausseeIn this project, it was needed to cover a balcony of a private city apartment with an awning. The customer preferred to install a canopy awning that ideally fits for a balcony of the top floor of an apartment house
Sienna, Countryside house
July 2012Moscow region, Lesnoy villageCanopy awnings are the best solution for decoration of windows and doors. They always look advantageous, especially on facades of buildings in classical style; they immediately bring special charm to the exterior. In this project, two Sienna canopy awnings
Sienna, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
July 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectCanopy awnings Sienna are a classical solution for decoration of doors and windows of restaurants and coffee bars. The wide spread of awnings started from this very type, their round shape gives decorated the façade and gives trim and attractive view to the exterior.
Sienna, Olivia shop
June 2012St.Petersburg, Karpovka river embankmentFor the Olivia shop, we have produced three canopy awnings with printing inscriptions and logos on the canvas. As always in our widest collection there was found a colour that ideally match with the corporate style of the shop
Sienna, Avangard bank
June 2012St.Petersburg, Tavricheskaya St.Fort he office oft he Avangard bank, we have produced seven Sienna canopy awnings. The awnings are made in corporate colour palette, green background and white logo; contrast white colour of decorative ledges respond to it. The awnings make it recognizable and noticeable.
Reupholstery of canopy awnings, Douglas bar
June 2012St.Petersburg, Finlyandsky prospect .For Douglas bar in the centre of St.Petersburg, it was needed to reupholst the awnings, that is to sew new fabric for constructions that exist already. This kind of service is mostly wanted by our corporate clients, because when an awning is used commercially, it wears out more quickly.
Canopy awnings Sienna rectangular, Canopy awnings Sienna arch, Countryside house
June 2012Moscow region, Bekasovo villageOn the example of this project one can see one of the advantages of canopy awnings: they can be made of rectangular, or arch shape, and fit different windows keeping a unanimous style.
Sienna, Mangione restaurant
May 2012Moscow, Semenovskaya squareFor Magione restaurant, a four-rib Sienna canopy awning with logo print was made. The logo colour is chosen according to the ribbon colour. The restaurant t is situated in a trade centre
Sienna, Jerusalem Gallery
March 2012Moscow, Bolshoy Kozihinsky alleyWhile producing canopy awnings for Jerusalem Gallery shop, it was necessary to consider the specialities of the building façade, that is presence of decorative molding over the windows. In such cases, the awnings are often mounted in the window aperture, but in this project
Sienna canopy awnings, Paul Bakery Baker’s shop
February 2012Moscow, Yegorienvkoe ChausseeFor a network of Paul Bakery baker’s shops, we have produced 11 canopy awnings which, by their form and colour solution, were designed to underline the corporate style and philosophy of the company
Calypso, Sienna, La Femme beauty centre
January 2012Moscow, Panfilova St.For the La Femme beauty and health centre, we have produced 8 awnings: for windows of arch shape, Sienna canopy awnings were chosen, and for rectangular windows, Calypso drop arm awnings.
Sienna, The Red Cat pie house
January 2012St.Petersburg, Gorokhovaya St.On a frosty morning, on the way to work, how nice it is to have a cup of coffee with a hot pie and get loaded with buoyancy for the whole day! The Red Cat pie house has taken care of the buyers who hurry up on errands
Cafeteria (canopy awning)
November 2011Khimki, Rabochaya streetSienna canopy awnings of semicircular shape are suitable not only to arch apertures. On the sample of this project, one can see that a rounded awning installed over a door had immediately transformed the façade
Sienna, “Help” insurance group
October 2011St.Petersburg, Ryleeva St.For the office of the “Help” insurance group, we have produced a Sienna canopy awning with print of logo on the canvas. This awning serves as both elegant advertisement and a small shed over the office entrance.
Canopy awnings, Il Patio
October 2011MoscowIl Patio restaurant is placed in a covered facility of a trade complex; in this case, awnings fulfill only decorative function. This is a bright sample of the case when awnings can increase attractiveness of an outlet
Canopy awnings, Art restaurant
October 2011Moscow, Kuznetsk bridge, 6An elegant outlet “Art restaurant” in Moscow needed awnings that would fit its style: strict, stylish, creating the atmosphere of coziness and luxury. By reference to the shape of windows and specialities of the façade, arch canopies with mounting into the window aperture were chosen
Sienna, The Sherbet restaurant
September 2011St.Petersburg, Vosstaniya St.These graceful canopy awnings Sienna we have produced for The Sherbet restaurant. Straight lambrequins underline elegant shape of the awnings; besides, in order to highlight the shape and support brown inscription on the
 Calypso, Sienna, XII Apostles restaurant
September 2011St.Petersburg, Ismailovsky prospectFor the XII Apostles restaurant, we have produced drop arm Calypso awning and Sienna canopy awning. There is decorative molding on the façade over the entrance; in these cases the awnings are usually mounted into the window aperture
Sienna, Countryside house
August 2011Aprelevka town, Sanniki villageIn this project, Sienna canopy awnings produced by us carry out decorative functions and reach this goal completely. Tender salmon fabric colour, pearl trimming and correctly chosen size of the construction make
Canopy awnings, Studio Pizza
June 2011St.PetersburgCanopy awnings are always good choise if the awning is supposed to be placed over a window. For Studio Pizza pizzeria four-rib canopy awning were produced
Sienna , Еspressomania coffee bar
AprilS 2011St.Petersburg, Ligovsky prospect, Galerea trade centreFor all awnings, it is typical to combine utility and decorative function; but, especially in Sienna canopy awnings the capacity to decorate and bring special charm to any façade is shown so brightly
Ventura Premium, Sienna, Drago restaurant
AprilS 2011St.Petersburg, Primorsky prospectIn this project, our customer has chosen classical sure-fire solutions: Sienna canopy awning for decoration of the arch over the restaurant entrance, and a forlding arm Ventura Premium awning for the summer terrace.
Calypso, Sienna, Escada shop
July 2010St.Petersburg, Bolshoy prospect PSFor Escada shop, we have produced 11 drop arm Calypso awnings and 5 Sienna canopy awnings. According to demands to the design, the frame was powder coated in golden colour; besides, print was made on the awnings lambrequins.
Sienna , Cartier Boutique
February 2007St.Petersburg, Moika river embankmentFor the Cartier boutique, we have produced 22 canopy awnings with logos on lambrequins. In order to satisfy high demands of our client to the design of this construction, we have offered not the most widely spread variant: