РThe topic "Projects" replenishes all the time, here we present examples of every type of construction that we produce: there are sun-protective awnings for private houses, summer cafeterias, awnings, awnings with advertisment for shops and offices, etc. All public projects of our company are represented below; on the right you can select projects with certain awning construction, by the sphere of application or by the date of project completion.

Ventura Premium, Tango, private house
August 2017Yukki village, Leningrad regionTwo folding arm awnings Ventura Premium and a vertical awning Tango Zip for the terrace of a private house.
Riva and Calypso Wind, private house
June 2017Voronovskoye villageCassette awning Riva and vertical awning Calyspo Wind for a terrace of a private house
Pergola, restaurant
June 2017KazanPergola awnings, additionally equipped with vertical awnings Calyspo Wind with mesh fabris Screen Out Marfil and electric gear operating for a restaurant terrace
Calypso Wind, private house
AprilS 2017Pion gardening public community, Odintsovsky districtFour vertical awnings Calypso Wind with manual operating for the terrace of a private house
Calypso Wind, priivate house
November 2016Suponevo villageVertical awning Calypso Wind with manual operating for a private house.
Tango Pro, private house
October 2016Obninsk
Screen, summer terrace
August 2016Moscow, Abramtsevskaya street15 Screen curtains with Cristal insert for a summer terrace.
Ventura Trend, Calypso Wind, countryside house
July 2016Pavlovo-2 village, Moscovsky regionFolding arm awning Ventura Trend with electric gear and wireless wind sensor, and three vertical awnings Calypso Wind with transparent inserts for a gazebo.
Protective curtains, Ginza Project restaurant in Velikan park
June 2016St.PetersburgVertical protective curtains for the Ginza Project restaurant in Velikan Park.
Tango Zip, countryside house
June 2016VyborgA vertical cassette awning Tango Zip with mesh fabric from Screen collection and frame colouring.
Grafskiye Razvaliny restaurant
May 2016St.Petersburg, Admiralteysky prospectFor The Grafskiye Razvaliny restaurant we have produced a wall tent construction with single colour logo print on lambrequin, the terrace is additionally protected with vertical Tango awnings using special fabric Screen Out. Also fences with inserts of transparent polycarbonate and a wooden podium were constructed.
Calypso Wind, countryside house
February 2016Moscovsky region, GreenfieldFour vertical awnings of open type Calypso Wind for a countryside house.
Ventura Trend, Private house
January 2016Nikolskiye Ozera villageFor this private house we have produced a folding arm awning Ventura Trend and four protective curtains of transparent PVC.
Calypso Wind, private house
November 2015Torusovo villageFour vertical awnings Calypso Wind for a private countryside house.
Pergola, Venezia Trattoria
September 2015MOSCOW, Stoleshnikov laneIn this project we have produced summer terrrace that consists of Pergola terrace awning of three modules. Logos are printed on awning canvas. Additionally we have produced vertical transparent curtains that can be installed or taken away depending on the weather.
Ventura Trend, Tango Zip, private house
September 2015Gribki, Detskaya streetTerraces of this elegant and cozy house we have equipped with retractable folding arm awnings Ventura Trend and vertical awnings Tango Zip. Speciality of Tango Zip model is that special zips keep the awning fabric within guide profile.
Vertical curtains, Countryside house
July 2015, Moskovsky regionAn excellent choice for protection of open terraces from heat and downfall - open air vertical curtains that can be used all year round. they are attached on eyelets on revolving brackets; when they are not needed, one can remove them completely or roll them up and tighten with belts.
Wall tent cafeteria, Vertical protective curtains, Bely Kabachok tavern
July 2015ST.PETERSBURG, Kuybysheva streetAn excellent variant of a summer cafeteria, a wall terrace specially equipped for changeable St.Petersburg weather. The cafeteria consists of a wall pavilion with metal frame, tent roof, fences of polycarbonate, and vertical protective curtains that can be opeded or close tightly with special fixings depending on weather.
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
June 2015Kartmazovo villageIn this project we have produced two vertical awnings Calypso Wind. It is an all-weather sales hit - Calypso Wind are irreplaceable both in winter and in summer! They protect from sun, wind, rain, snow, they can be closed completely or partly, depending on the weather.
Calypso Wind, Lentsvettorg shop
June 2015ST.PETERSBURGFor outlets, particularly those where it is especially important to prevent suffocating heat in the facility, the awnings are just irreplaceable. In this project we have produced a vertical awning Calypso Wind for a lentsvettorg flower shop. Now tender flowers are protected from burning sun rays; at the same time, the awning can be partly opened in order to bring enough light into the facility.
Wall summer cafeteria, Vertical protective curtains, Globus restaurant
May 2015ST.PETERSBURG, Turistskaya streetWe have produced this graceful and functional terrace for the Globus restaurant. A wall cafeteria consists of a metal frame with dralon roof, and 13 transparent vertical curtains of thick PVC, which make this terrace comfortable in any weather. During summer heat the cafeteria can be completely open, and in the evening it is possible to close one wall with curtains to protect from wind, and in bad weather all curtains can be closed in order to keep the terrace cozy and attractive.
Wall tent summer cafeteria, Calypso Wind, Terrace of Europa  hotel
May 2015ST.PETERSBURG, Mikhailovskaya streetFor the Europa hotel we have produced a summer terrace that consists of three modules. What is so special about this terrace? Besides the tents, we have produced 72 vertical awnings Calypso Wind which will provide comfort for visitors, and prevent reach of direct sun rays and wind. At the same time, the Soltis fabric does not hide the view; even when the awnings are completely closed, it is light and cozy on the terrace.
Flamingo, Calypso Wind, Private house
AprilS 2015ShchelkovoIn this project we have produced a Flamingo construction for the territory of a private house. The construction provides comfortable shade by the swimming pool thanks to a retractable awning Ventura Premium; for privacy and protection from wind we have additionally installed a vertical Calypso Wind awning.
Curtains Screen, Sienna, COUNTRYSIDE HOUSE
February 2015Serebryany Bor, Moskovsky regionIn this project we have produced a canopy awning Sienna for the house entrance, and vertical protective curtains Screen with transparent inserts Cristall. These screens are the best protection from bad weather, wind, or snow. The screens are equipped with belts; they permit to roll the screens up and keep them in a raised positions.
Screen, Inserts Cristal of transparent PVC, COUNTRYSIDE HOUSE
February 2015Boltino village, Moskovsky regionDuring cold winter such terrace needs protection from wind, snow and downfall. We have produced four Christal screens: that is an aesthetic and cinvenient protection from bad weather for any open terraces, gazebos, and loggias.
December 2014ST.PETERSBURG, STOLYARNY LANEFor the Gogol hotel we have produced a cassette vertical awning Tango Pro. This is an elegant, durable construction that looks very representative. It is operated with a remote control. Logos of the hotel are printed on canvas of the awning.
Protective curtain Screen, COUNTRYSIDE HOUSE
November 2014LENINGRADSKY REGION, Krasnoye SeloIn this project we have produced a protective Screen curtain with inserts of transparent PVC. These vertical curtains will permit to use all kind of open countryside constructions like summer kitchens, gazebos, terraces, in any season, protecting you from different whims of weather, like wind, snow, and rain. When the weather is fine, the curtain can be removed completely or partly, creating an ideal microclimate for your good mood.
November 2014MOSCOVSKY REGION, PUSHKINSKY DISTRICTFor this gazebo we have produced three cassette vertical awnings Tango Pro and five vertical protective curtains. All products are made of awning fabric Dralon with transparent PVC inserts.
Protective curtains for production zones, TOYOTA CENTRE PISKAREVSKY
September 2014ST.PETERSBURG, RUSTAVELI STREETIn this project we have produced vertical protective curtains for technical zones of the Toyota centre Piskarevsky. Functional and aesthetic curtains are made of thick transparent PVC with eyelets.
July 2014MOSKOVSKY REGION, MESHCHERSKOYE VILLAGEIn this project we have produced Calypso Wind vertical awnings that serve as protection from wind, snow, sun, and create cozy and comfortable atmosphere, and are easy to operate.
June 2014MOSKOVSKY REGION, ISTRIN TOWNFor the terrace of this countryside house we have produced two open vertical awnings Calypso Wind with Soltis fabric. This fabric provides the most comfortable environment on the terrace, not permitting the wind, downfall and burning sunrays to spoil your recreation.
May 2014MOSKOVSKI REGION, GLAGOLEVO PARK VILLAGEIn this project we have produced 5 cassette vertical awnings Tango Pro. It order to make the awnings match ideally with the house façade, the components were coloured according to RAL scale in brown colour, and also fabric of ecologically friendly colous was selected.
December 2013MOSKOVSKY REGION, NEMCHINOVO VILLAGEIn this project we produced 6 vertical Calypso Wind awnings; in this case we have used a unique material Soltis, irreplaceable for vertical awnings, as fabric. You can read about its specialities and advantages in our Fabric catalogue section. We have also painted the awning frame in the same colour as the fabric.
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
September 2013Moskovsky region, Yuzhnyie Gorki villageVertical awnings Calypso Wind are durable and graceful awnings, a perfect solution for any countryside house. These simple in operating awning will protect you gazebo or a terrace from foul weather and provide comfortable environment in any weather. In this case, our customer preferred non-transparent awnings.
Tango ZIP, Calypso Wind, Private house
September 2013Ivanovo town, Ivanovsky regionIn this project, we produced awnings and tent roof for a porch of a countryside house. For window apertures, we have produced 9 cassette vertical awnings Tango ZIP that provide impermeable protection from wind, snow, and rain, and permit to keep warmth in winter time and freshness in summer on the porch. Our customer selected a vertical awning of an open type Calypso Wind for a door. Besides, we have produced a tent roof from the same material that was used in production of the awnings.
Vertical raising curtains made of Dralon fabric with transparent inserts, Chaika restaurant
September 2013Sochi, SeaportFor this beautiful terrace of the Chaika restaurant in Sochi, we produced raising curtains from Dralon fabric with transparent inserts. The visitors of the restaurants will enjoy spending time on the terrace in any kind of weather, as the curtains are tightly attached on eyelets with revolving brackets, and protect the terrace space from any foul weather, not obscuring the sea view. When the weather is fine, they can be rolled up and kept within special covers placed under the roof edge.
Calypso Wind, Private apartment
August 2013Sestroretsk, Dubkovskoye chausseeVertical awnings Calypso Wind is the best solution for open balconies. They protect the balcony from wind and downfall, prevent overheating of the apartment on hot days, and create environment of privacy. This is a strong
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
August 2013Moscow region, Surmino villageIn this project, we produced open vertical awnings Calypso Wind for a countryside house. The highest quality of components, simple and durable construction make this awning the best
Tent of awning fabric, Car showroom
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Petrograndskaya embankmentThis construction we conditionally refer to glass pavilions; movable curtains with inserts of transparent PVC fulfill the role of glazing. In this project, we produced a tent, protective curtains, podium, and fencing for wall pavilion.
Tango ZIP, Private apartment
October 2012Moscow, Goncharnaya St.This is a vertical Tango ZIP awning made by us for an exit from a private apartment on a terrace. As you can see on the picture, in this case our customer preferred Soltis material as fabric. Soltis has a unique capacity
Tango Pro, Countryside house
October 2012Leningrad region, Lisiy Nos villageFor this spacious gazebo on the territory of a countryside house, we have produced 8 vertical awnings Tango Pro. This model is distinguished in the Tango product line with wider guide profiles. Seven awning of eights work like raising “windows” which make
Calypso Wind, Private house
October 2012Moscow, Olof Palme streetFor a recreation zone equipped on a terrace of a city house, we have produced two vertical Calypso Wind awnings. Our customer has chosen Soltis material as the awning fabric, one of the best solutions for vertical awnings. Unlike PVC
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
September 2012Leningrad region, Glukhovo villageIn thsi project, we have made vertical awnings Calypso Wind for a gazebo on territory of a countryside house. Our customer preferred to use a widely spread solution
Tango, Countryside house
August 2012Moscow region, Ashitkovo villageIn order to protect this terrace from sun, wind, and rain, our customer has chosen vertical cassette awnings Tango. This is one of the best solutions: Tango awnings are distinguished for durability and advantageous impermeable construction that will not let the wind and rain to penetrate the terrace.
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
July 2012St.Petersburg, пос. ПарголовоCanvases for these vertical Calypso Wind awnings are sewn as “windows”. This is an excellent protection from wind, rain, and snow for a covered porch where they were installed.
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
July 2012Vyborg townIn this project, 10 Calypso Wind vertical awnings completely protect an open gazebo from any kind of foul weather. Transparent inserts permit it to stay light, the awnings look natural, and make the gazebo comfortable and inviting for recreation in any weather.
Tent pavilion, Kronenburg bar
July 2012Leningrad region, Duny beachIn this pavilion, instead of glazing, we have used vertical raising blinds on eyelet holes, with inserts of transparent PVC; we conditionally considered these blinds to vertical awnings, though they have no raising mechanism
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
June 2012Leningrad region, Simagino villageFor this open porch, we have produced three vertical Calypso Wind awnings, as well as decorative lambrequins from the same fabric as the awning. The width of the porch permits to cover it with one awning; however, from the point of view of design
Tango, Countryside house
June 2012Leningrad region, Sosnovo regionThese vertical awnings for a gazebo on the territory of a countryside house are made in maximally comfortable for use variant: our customers have chosen a Tango cassette awning with electric motor
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
June 2012Moscow region, Lariushkino villageFor this gazebo, we have produced three vertical awnings of open type Calypso Wind. The canvas of the awning that looks at the side of the neighbor house is made completely non-transparent; the opposite awning is made with a transparent PVC insert
Vertical cassette awning Tango, Countryside house
AprilS 2012Moscow region, New Veshki villageVertical cassette awnings Tango are one of the best solutions for impermeable protection of terraces and gazebos from wind, sun, rain, and snow. PVC inserts are sewn into the fabric of the awning; an electric motor was also installed in this project
Wall summer cateteria, Dve palochki restaurant
AprilS 2012Moscow, Kamergersky alleyA summer terrace of The Two Chopsticks restaurant consists of a metal frame with a tent of Dralon awning fabric, and powder coating of the frame in corporate red colour. Besides, to protect the visitors of the restaurant from wind and creating of a cozy environment
Soltis vertical awnings
January 2012St.PetersburgThis is an example of using of unique Soltis fabric for production of Calypso Wind vertical awnings. This fabric has meshed structure; it is very long-wearing, looks nicely
Vertical awnings Calypso Wind, Protective PVC curtains with additionally zip sewn in, Countryside house
December 2011Moscow region, Glagolevo park villageIn this project, our customer preferred to cover the porch from wind, snow, and rain with vertical awnings of open type Calypso Wind, and for the door we have produced a curtain on zip without raising mechanism. In open vertical awnings
Calypso WindCountryside house
November 2011Priozersky district, Orekhovo villageThis order becomes more and more popular among our customers: production of vertical awnings that serve as wind, snow, and rain protection of countryside gazebos and terraces
Vertical awning, Country house
August 2011Istra , Cottage VillageOne of the most widely spread cases when installation of vertical awnings is needed is a terrace of country house. They protect from curious neighbours’ glances, and create cozy, intimate environment. In this case our customer has chosen
Transparent protective curtains on zip, Yunost restaurant
July 2011St.Petersburg, Petrovsky islandFor the porch of the Yunost restaurant, we have made 16 protective curtains that protect the guests from rain and wind. Design of this beautiful restaurant is detailly elaborated; the curtains were made in order not to disturb the harmony of this stylish
Vertical awnings, Countryside house
June 2011Otradnoe village, Leningrad regionThese functional, simple in operating and stylish vertical awnings play the role of movable walls that in several seconds transform open space of recreation zone into closed facility where you can spend time not only on warm summer days
Vertical awning, Country house
May 2011Peshtovo village, Moscow regionIn this project, we have produced 12 vertical awnings to protect gazebos on a country lot in Peshtovo village from wind, sun, rain, and snow. Since in this case the awnings work as walls, they were ordered with inserts – “windows” – made of transparent PVC. In order the fabric looks