РThe topic "Projects" replenishes all the time, here we present examples of every type of construction that we produce: there are sun-protective awnings for private houses, summer cafeterias, awnings, awnings with advertisment for shops and offices, etc. All public projects of our company are represented below; on the right you can select projects with certain awning construction, by the sphere of application or by the date of project completion.

Sienna, Pergola, Kurortny hotel
August 2017YessentukiFor the Kurortny hotel in Yessentuki town we have produced three types of awnings: Pergola for terace on the roof, retractable cassette awning Como, and canopy awnings Sienna for windows with logos printed on canvas.
Pergola, Ritz Carlton
July 2017Moscow, Tverskaya streetA wall terrace of three modules of Pergola awning with automatic operating.
Pergola, private apartment
July 2017, Moskovsky region, Madison parkTerrace awning Pergola for a private apartment.
Pergola Montblanc, private house
July 2017, Sosenskoye communityPergola Montblanc awning with spot lights for a private house.
Pergola, Bruno restaurant
May 2017St.Petersburg, Admiralteyski prospectTerrace awning Pergola of two modules for the Bruno restaurant.
Pergola, private appartment
November 2016Moscow, 1st Machinostroyeniya streetTerrace awning Pergola with an infrared heater for a terrace of a private appartment.
The Sunday restaurant, Ginza Project network
July 2016St.PetersburgSummer cafeteria made of tent construction and a terrace of three Pergola awnings with automatic operating.
Pergola, Moskva restaurant, Ginza Project network
July 2016St.PetersburgSummer terrace of a panoramic restaurant on the roof of a building; consists of nine Pergola awnings with electric gear.
Pergola, St.Petersburg hotel
July 2016St.Petersburg, Pirogovskaya embankmentFor the St.Petersburg hotel we have produced a summer terrace of three Pergola awnings with electric gear, installed on a special frame that permit to avoid damage to the facade while mounting.
Pergola, the Aragvi restaurant
June 2016Moscow, Tverskaya streetWall summer cafeteria for the Aragvi restaurant of three Pergola awnings with print and mounting on a special frame in order to avoid holes on the facade. Wooden podium.
Pergola, private house
May 2016MoscowFor this private house we have produced two pergola awnings Pergola with electric gear; in this model the tent is being folded up as festoons.
Pergola and Samolet, private house
May 2016Lyagchishchevo villageTerrace awning Pergola for a private house, and a frestanding Samolet construction for a summer terrace.
Pergola, Venezia Trattoria
September 2015MOSCOW, Stoleshnikov laneIn this project we have produced summer terrrace that consists of Pergola terrace awning of three modules. Logos are printed on awning canvas. Additionally we have produced vertical transparent curtains that can be installed or taken away depending on the weather.
Pergola, Gastronimica restaurant of Ginza project
August 2015ST.PETERSBURG, Marata streetFor one of restaurant so Ginza prokect, the Gastronimica, we have produced 5 Pergola terrace awnings that make united module construction. Roof of this spacious terrace can be moved aside, close completely or partly with just one button touch on a remote control. The awnings are necessary for providing comfort to the guests of the restaurant; besides, their design reflects tendencies to unity of technologies and environment, thanks to which they look modernm, and at the same time splendidly match architecture of historical part of the city.
Wall summer cafeteria of tent constructions, Ginza Project restaurant in Velikan Park
August 2015St.Petersburg, Aleksandrovsky parkOur next high-altitude project is a circular terrace for a restaurant of Ginza Project on the top floor of a cinema centre Velikan Park. The terrace consists of several parts; for each of them we have produced tent construction of celestial colour, using fabrics of different quality (dralon and PVC). The construction shape repeats the shape of the building.
Pergola, Countryside house
June 2015, Moskovsky regionIn this project we have produced a terrace awning Pergola for a countryside house. thanks to this awning, one can spend time on the terrace even in the hottest days, the Pergola will leave no chances to damaging ultraviolet rays.
Pergola, Private house
AprilS 2015MOSCOW, Nezhinskaya streetIn this project we have produced a terrace awning Pergola for a terrace of a private house. The awning acan be both closed completely and opened till any middle position; it can be easily operated from a remote controll. A wireless sensor will prevent damage of the awning in case of sudden strong wind.
June 2014MOSKOVSKY REGION, ISTRA COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGEPergola awning is one of the most functional solutions for terraces of countryside houses. This awning is wind resistent, it covers vast space, protects from sun, wind, rain, and can be opened as wide as it is necessary at the moment.
May 2014MOSKOVSKY REGION, NEMCHINOVKA VILLAGEFor the terrace of this countryside house we have produced a Pergola terrace awning with a wireless wind sensor. This awning is distinguished with its striking elegant appearance; it can cover vast space, and at the same time it has more wind resistance than classical retractable awnings
September 2013MOSKOVSKY REGION, VESHKI-ZARECHYE VILLAGETerrace awning Pergola is an ideal solution for equipping of a summer terrace. The awning will protect not only form sun and downfall, but also from side wind. The Pergola can be additionally equipped with vertical awnings that will provide impermeable protection from wind.
Pergola for a cafeteria
July 2013AkhtubinksTerrace awning Pergola is an ideal solution for organizing a summer terrace of a restaurant. A module construction can cover big space; it looks splendid; it can be opened partly or completely, depending on the weather.
Summer cafeteria, Calypso, Buddha-bar
July 2013Saint-Petersburg, Sinopskaya embankmentIn this project we have equipped a summer terrace for a lounge restaurant Buddha-bar. The base of the construction consists of Pergola awning of two modules; drop awnings Calypso are mounted additionally on vertical pillars.
Pergola, Countryside house
July 2013Strelna, Krasnoselskoye chausseeIn this project we have produced a terrace awning Pergola of one module for a private countryside house. This construction provides maximal protection from sun and rain
Pergola, Countryside house
June 2012Leningrad region, ToksovoIn this project, the best solutions in the sphere of sun protection are presented: we have produced a pergola awning with a remote control and heating for a terrace of a private countryside house.
Pergola, Palkin restaurant
May 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor a summer terrace of one of the oldest restaurants of St.Petersburg, the legendary Palkin, we have produced one of the most striking models of awnings, Pergola. Except for memorable appearance, this construction is distinguished by its exclusive functionality
Pergola for a penthouse terrace
June 2011MoscowTerace of a penthouse with a gorgeous view on the centre of Moacow demanded gorgeous solution.Our client decided to order a terrace awning Pergola with electric motor that naturally and quickly transformed an open terrace