РThe topic "Projects" replenishes all the time, here we present examples of every type of construction that we produce: there are sun-protective awnings for private houses, summer cafeterias, awnings, awnings with advertisment for shops and offices, etc. All public projects of our company are represented below; on the right you can select projects with certain awning construction, by the sphere of application or by the date of project completion.

Samolet cafeteria, Valenok restaurant
July 2017MoscowA Samolet summer cafeteria of 12 fodling arm awnings placed on a metal frame accoprding to individual project.
Samolet, countryside house
August 2016Yoksolovo villageSummer terrace Samolet of single module for a private countryside house.
Summer terrace Samolet
July 2016MoscowFreestanding summer terrace Samolet with two Ventura Premium awnings, electric gear operating
Summer terrace
May 2016Moscow, Krasnokazarmennaya streetIn this project we have produced a Samolet summer cafeteria of three modules. For the terrace we have used six folding arm awnings Ventura, as well as telescopic wind protection pillars.
Pergola and Samolet, private house
May 2016Lyagchishchevo villageTerrace awning Pergola for a private house, and a frestanding Samolet construction for a summer terrace.
Samolet, Pyatnitskaya street
AprilS 2016Moscow, Pyatnitskaya streetSamolet summer cafeteria of one module for a cafeteria on Pyatnitskaya street.
Samolet, private house
AprilS 2016Lyagchishchevo villageFreestanding two-sided awning Samolet for a private house
Samolet, Fumisawa Sushi restaurant
October 2015MOSCOW, Petrovka streetFor the Fumisawa Sushi restaurant we have produced a Samolet summer cafeteria of three sections that together create a spacious and elegant terrace. Metal frame is coloured in white.
August 2015MOSCOW, 2ND TVERSKAYA-YAMSKAYA STREETMulty-purpose construction for equipping of summer cafeterias Samolet; in this case our customer needed a one-sided construction. Two modules are enough to oranize a spacious terrace.
Samolet, Restaurant terrace
August 2015MOSCOW, Michurinsky prospectIn this project we have produced a spacious terrace Samolet of four modules. In this case the awnings are equipped with wind protection pillars that work as additional protection of the awnings from wind.
Samolet, Private house
July 2015YaroslavlFor this private house we have produced terrace folding arm awnings Ventura Premium, and a freestanding summer terrace Samolet which can be used for recreation, as a summer dining area or child playground. The awning is operated with a simple button press on a remote control. Double sided Samolet terrace does not require attachment to ground, besides you can dismantle it for winter time.
Samolet, Terrace on Staroderevenskaya street
July 2013Saint-Petersburg, Staroderevenskaya streetFor this summer terrace, we have produced a Samolet cafeteria of one module. This is one of the most effective solutions for equipping of a summer ground of a cafeteria: this construction is mounted easily and does not demand attachment to the pavement;
Ventura Premium, Cafeteria on Veteranov prospect
July 2013Saint-Petersburg, Veteranov prospectThis is one more sample of one of the most popular and functional constructions for equipping of summer grounds of cafeterias and restaurants.
Samolet, Bar Tonyc
June 2013St.Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya streetThis summer terrace performs a Samolet construction of two modules with a wooden podium and fencings. Four folding arm awnings Ventura Premium cover the terrace for a big quantity of places
Ventura Premium, Canteen No.1
June 2013St.Petersburg, Griboedov channel embankmentFor the Canteen No. 1 cafeteria, we have produced summer cafeteria Samolet of two modules: it is a quick and effective way to organize spacious summer terraces
Samolet, Brichmula restaurant
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Komendantsky prospectIn this project, we have produced a Samolet construction of two modules that together make a spacious terrace that perfectly looks
Samolet, Cafeteria on Primorsky prospect
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Primorsky prospectIn this project, we have produced a Samolet construction of four modules; that is the best solution for a summer cafeteria by water.
Samolet, Cafeteria on Moskovsky prospect
June 2013Saint-Petersburg, Moskovsky prospectThis summer terrace on Moskovsky prospect consists of two modules of Samolet cafeterias. This terrace can be mounted quickly;
Ventura Premium, Cafeteria on Zagorodny prospect
May 2013Saint-Petersburg, Zagorodny prospectIn this project, we produced a Samolet construction for a cafeteria on Zagorodny prospect. This is one of the most popular models of summer terraces
Samolet, Summer terrace on Kazan square
May 2013Saint-Petersburg, Kazan squareThis summer terrace is made by us for cafeteria in the very centre of St.Petersburg, on the Kazan square. It took only one hour to mount the Samolet summer cafeteria
Samolet, Terrace on Korablestroiteley street
May 2013Saint-Petersburg, Korablestroiteley streetOne of the most effective and quick solutions for organizing of summer cafeteria is a Samolet cafeteria.
Calypso, MarketPlace restaurant
September 2012St.Petersburg, Isaakievskaya squareFor the MarketPlace restaurant, we have made drop arm window awnings Calypso and a Samolet summer cafeteria. Drop arm awnings once again showed their best qualities, that are presentable appearance and light weight that permits to mount these awning where
Samolet, Steak House restaurant
August 2012St.Petersburg, Moskovsky prospectSummer terrace of the Steak House restaurant is made by us as a Samolet construction with podium and fencings. As always, our broad catalogue has provided a colour that ideally repeats the corporate colour of the restaurant.
Samolet, Regatta restaurant
July 2012St.Petersburg, Vyazovaya St.For the Regatta restaurant on water with panoramic view, we have produced a Samolet summer terrace of three modules. This is an awesome solution that can fit absolutely different areas for summer terrace; its advantages, such as
Samolet, Anderson restaurant
June 2012Moscow, Leningradsky prospectIn this case, it was needed to equip a summer terrace of a restaurant on the roof of a 3-story building. We have installed a Samolet construction with counterloading boxes. As the cafeteria is situated on a roof of a building
Samolet, Ventura Premium, Calypso, Abkhazia cafeteria
July 2011St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectIn this project, we have produced awnings for windows of Abkhazia cafeteria, and a Samolet construction for a summer terrace. We have chosen the same style for all awnings: red fabric and lambrequins of the same shape and width.
Samolet,  Terrace on the roof
June 2011Moscow, Ozerkovskaya nab.,8 This terrace on the roof of a multistoried building with a beautiful view on the centre of Moscow demonstrates our possibilities in the sphere of projecting and building of objects according to individual order. In order to organize this terrace, we have elaborated and carried out solutions that include production of wooden floor
Samolet construction of 6 sections, The Nutcracker restaurant
June 2011St.Petersburg, Ligovsky 10For a popular fast food restaurant The Nut cracker, we have produced a podium for summer cafeteria of Samolet type, and a pavilion for summer trade. These solutions satisfied our customers in all parameters:
Samolet, The Gulfstream restaurant
AprilS 2011Komarovo village, Leningrad regionThis project is a wonderful example of the possibility to equip a summer restaurant quickly and easily, on any piece of open space. It took only one and a half hours to transform this area into a beautiful terrace of an elegant restaurant with a view at the Gulf of Finland.
Samolet, Countryside house
September 2007Lisiy Nos village, St.PetersburgThis is an example of using Samolet construction in private housing. Usually, frame for fixing of an awning is made of a metal pipe in these constructions, but in this case our customer preferred wooden frame, to make this construction more suitable to this countryside area.
Samolet, Mekong cafeteria
AprilS 2006St.Petersburg, М. SadovayaIn this project, for equipping a summer ground for Mekong restaurant, we have made a popular construction for summer cafeterias of Samolet type consisting of three sections as well as a trade pavilion.