РThe topic "Projects" replenishes all the time, here we present examples of every type of construction that we produce: there are sun-protective awnings for private houses, summer cafeterias, awnings, awnings with advertisment for shops and offices, etc. All public projects of our company are represented below; on the right you can select projects with certain awning construction, by the sphere of application or by the date of project completion.

Glass pavilion
May 2015RostovIn this project we have produced a square glass pavilion, additionally equipped with retractable Ventura Premium awnings. the awnings protect from direct sun rays not only space before the facade, they also prevent overheat in facilities, and in case with small trade or exhibition pavilions the awnings are just irreplaceable.
Wall summer cafeteria, CARBONARA BAR
July 2014ST.PETERSBURG, MARATA STREETFor the Carbonara bar restaurant we have produced a wall summer terrace as a tent construction with metal frame, wooden podium and fences. The tent is made of awning fabric Dralon with logo print.
July 2014MOSCOW, BELORUSSKY RAILWAY STATIONGlass pavilions can be used up to really cold weather. The pavilion can be both additional area, and separate cafeteria or restaurant. It is a spacious and representative construction, thanks to movable glazing one can feel comfortable inside even in hot weather.
Glass pavilion, Rostov-na-Donu city
August 2013Rostov-na-Donu cityIn this project, we have produced a glass pavilion for a cafeteria in Rostov-na-Donu. This is an all-weather construction consists of a pavilion
Tent pavilion, Sluzhebny Vhod restaurant
July 2013Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka streetIn this project we produced a pavilion for the Sluzhebny Vhod restaurant. The pavilion performs a metal frame with wooden podium and tent roof, swing doors, and movable curtains from transparent PVC
Glass pavilion, Mama Roma restaurant on Moskovsky prospect
July 2013Saint-Petersburg, Moskovsky prospectThis is our nest project for the restaurant network of Italian cuisine, Mama Roma. The wall terrace is fulfilled as a glass pavilion with wooden podium, dralon roof with logos printing and sliding glasses.
Glass pavilion, Charden restaurant
May 2013Saint-Petersburg, Admiralteysky prospectGlass pavilion for the Charden restaurant is a terrace that can work as additional restaurant hall till late autumn.
Glass pavilion, Shelest restaurant
May 2013Zelenogorsk city, Primorskoye ShausseeIn this project, we produced a summer porch for the Shelest restaurant in Zelenogorsk. This is a pavilion with beautiful panoramic view at the gulf
Glass pavilion of complicated shape, Café at Sennaya square
May 2013Saint-Petersburg, Sennaya squareIn this project, we produced a glass pavilion of complicated shape with tent roof and glazing. Usually we produce these pavilions with completely or partially sliding windows
Glass pavilion, Mama Roma restaurant
August 2012St.Petersburg, Fontanka embankmentMama Roma is a restaurant of traditional home Italian cuisine; we enjoyed working over a project for this network, as the spirit of Mama Roma is the very thing that we want to bring into the lives of our clients, that is conform, sophistication, warm and easy atmosphere.
Tent pavilion, Kronenburg bar
July 2012Leningrad region, Duny beachIn this pavilion, instead of glazing, we have used vertical raising blinds on eyelet holes, with inserts of transparent PVC; we conditionally considered these blinds to vertical awnings, though they have no raising mechanism
Glass pavilion, Elki-Palki restaurant
July 2012Leningrad region, DunyFor this restaurant of Elki-Palki network situated on a beach of the gulf of Finland beach in Duny, we have made one of the classical variants of glass pavilions; it is always an advantageous solution for organizing any restaurant.
Pavilion with windows of tempered glass, Gastronom restaurant
June 2012St.Petersburg, Marsovo PoleThe pavilion of Gastronom restaurant is made by us as a construction with wooden frame on a wooden podium, with windows of strong tempered glass. Along one side, the windows are closed with protective blind rolls.
Glass pavilion, The Arbat, 9 bar
May 2012Moscow, Arbat St.For The Arbat, 9 bar, we have made a glass pavilion, - a variant of a porch that serves not only as a summer terrace, but also as a separate facility that functions in any weather, even in the most cold and windy.
Glass pavilion, Sluzhebny Vhod restaurant
May 2012Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka St. This glass pavilion was made by us for the Sluzhebny Vhod restaurant. A metal frame with a PVC tent is placed on the wooden podium. The cafeteria is covered with sliding window panels along its perimeter.
Glass pavilion, Chilis cafeteria
May 2012Moscow, Novy Arbat St.Pavilion for chilis cafeteria was made by us in one of popular variants, with sliding windows. A metal frame with a PVC tent is placed on the wooden podium. The metal frame is cased with wood.
Glass pavilion, Bogart’s cafe
May 2011St.Petersburg, Мalaya KonyushennayaA glass pavilion for Bogart’s café in the centre of the city is one more example of how convenient and advantageous the Pavilion construction is. Light-coloured roof and flowers make it festive and trim; it looks
Glass pavilion, Parus restaurant
May 2011St.Petersburg, Petrovskaya KosaThis project became one of our hallmarks, because together with awnings production, one of the main directions of our production department is image projects for restaurants and cafeterias; and we work over objects with such beautiful appearance and sophisticated concept with special pleasure.
Glass pavilion, Barberry restaurant
May 2011St.Petersburg, Kamennoostrovsky prospectAs a summer terrace for Barberry restaurant, we have made a glass pavilion with wooden podium, tent roof and sliding windows; a perfect solution that permits to meet guests even in the most cold weather, up to the late autumn.
Glass pavilion, Elki-Palki tavern
AprilS 2010St.Petersburg, Malaya KonyushennayaWhile producing objects for a big network of Elki-Palki taverns not only quality and short terms are important, but also their popular brand awareness. Glass pavilions are universal and advantageous solution that many big restaurant networks choose for themselves.
Wall summer cafeteria, GINZA PROJECT
November 1999MOSCOW, ZHUKOVKA VILLAGEFor network of Ginza Project restaurants, we have produced a summer porch made of laminated beam with polycarbonate roof. This airy terrace looks exclusively striking, and at the same time it is defined with usability and spaciousness.