РThe topic "Projects" replenishes all the time, here we present examples of every type of construction that we produce: there are sun-protective awnings for private houses, summer cafeterias, awnings, awnings with advertisment for shops and offices, etc. All public projects of our company are represented below; on the right you can select projects with certain awning construction, by the sphere of application or by the date of project completion.

 Ventura Premium, Countryside house
July 2009Repini village, Leningrad regionIn this project, the customer needed awnings that would ideally match with the façade, and be absolutely unnoticeable when being closed. In order to do it, we not only chose fabric that resembles dark wood by its colour
Flamingo, Rosticks KFC bistro
July 2009St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor a network of fast food restaurants Rosticks, we have produced a Flamingo summer terrace, one of the most popular solutions for organizing of summer grounds for restaurants. Functional and quick
Tent construction, Frikadelki restaurant
June 2009St.Petersburg, 7 Line VOWe have produced a tent construction with wooden frame for a Frikadelki fast food restaurant. As a rule, colour of such constructions for commercial use is being chosen in accordance with brand colours; this order was not an exception
Calypso, Trade pavilion
June 2009St.Petersburg, Veteranov prospectDrop arm awnings are an excellent solution for trade pavilions. Glass surfaces are being heated easily, and awnings permit to decrease temperature in the facility and protect the goods in the shop window from overheating.
Window awnings, Bosco di Ciliegi
November 2008St.Petersburg, Big prospect PSAccording to the order of Bosco di Ciliegi, we have produced awnings for three stories of their tied outlet: a canopy awning is used over the entrance, and window awnings with mounting into the aperture
Window awnings Calypso, Parmesan pizzeria
August 2008St.Petersburg, Leninsky prospektFour window awnings for parmesan pizzeria were produced with big projection from wall; this/ together with bright corporate orange colour, permits not just close the windows almost completely
June 2008St.Petersburg, LenexpoOn an order of BOSCO DI CILIEGI, we have produced a stage for conducting of an important presentation: in two months before opening of XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing, on 12th St.Petersburg Economical forum
Samolet, Countryside house
September 2007Lisiy Nos village, St.PetersburgThis is an example of using Samolet construction in private housing. Usually, frame for fixing of an awning is made of a metal pipe in these constructions, but in this case our customer preferred wooden frame, to make this construction more suitable to this countryside area.
Square parasols with white cupolas, Radisson SAS Royal hotel
May 2007St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor one of the best five-star hotels of St.Petersburg, Radisson SAS Royal, we have produced and elegant summer terrace that consists of podium, fence, and outdoor parasols. The podium is made of metal frame with wooden floor
Sienna , Cartier Boutique
February 2007St.Petersburg, Moika river embankmentFor the Cartier boutique, we have produced 22 canopy awnings with logos on lambrequins. In order to satisfy high demands of our client to the design of this construction, we have offered not the most widely spread variant:
Tent construction of complicated shape, McDonalds
June 2006St.Petersburg, Black riverWe have made a tent of complicated shape in corporate colours with printing logos on lambrequins for the McDonalds fast food restaurant. The ready-made construction looks bright, tidy, and completely responds its functions.
Samolet, Mekong cafeteria
AprilS 2006St.Petersburg, М. SadovayaIn this project, for equipping a summer ground for Mekong restaurant, we have made a popular construction for summer cafeterias of Samolet type consisting of three sections as well as a trade pavilion.
Riva, Countryside house
November 1999, AleksandrovskoyeThis is a cassette retractable awning Riva; in this case it has manual operating. Elaborate design of protective cassette permits this powerful awning to look airy and give the façade attractive cozy look.
Wall summer cafeteria, GINZA PROJECT
November 1999MOSCOW, ZHUKOVKA VILLAGEFor network of Ginza Project restaurants, we have produced a summer porch made of laminated beam with polycarbonate roof. This airy terrace looks exclusively striking, and at the same time it is defined with usability and spaciousness.