РThe topic "Projects" replenishes all the time, here we present examples of every type of construction that we produce: there are sun-protective awnings for private houses, summer cafeterias, awnings, awnings with advertisment for shops and offices, etc. All public projects of our company are represented below; on the right you can select projects with certain awning construction, by the sphere of application or by the date of project completion.

Sienna, Prival cafeteria
December 2012Moscow, Novokurkinskoe chaussee, 1For the Prival cafeteria that is situated in a building of a trade centre, we have produced three Sienna canopy awnings that can create cozy atmosphere and highlight the outlet among other restaurants and cafeterias. The awnings are made in summer green-yellow colours; they attract attention and raise spirits.
Sienna, Lena Lenina studio
December 2012Moscow, Prazhsky Grad trade centreThese rectangular canopy awnings Sienna were produced for Lena Lenina studio. As this studio is situated in the building of a trade centre, the awnings here fulfill only decorative and advertisement function; awnings of traditional cupola shape are the best for it.
Calypso, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
December 2012Moscow, Tverskaya St.In this project, we have produced a Calypso drop awning for one of coffee bars of the Chocoladnitsa network. An awning that would protect customers from foul weather and attract attention of hurrying passer-bys, was needed for
Ventura, Savelki trade centre
November 2012Zelenograd, Savelkinsky proezdFor a new trade centre Savelki, we have produced five folding arm awnings Ventura Premium. The awnings fulfill the role of sheds over entrances to the centre. Considering the façade and brand colour, we have selected pear fabric Perla; logos were printed on lambrequins.
Sienna, Bon Pain bakery
November 2012Moscow, Vernadskogo prospectFor an opening soon new shop of the Bon Pain bakeries network, we have produced a Sienna canopy awning with print on canvas and lambrequin. Our customer preferred coffee fabric colour, light logo and straight lambrequin
Calypso, Kolobok bistro
November 2012St.Petersburg, Moskovsky prospectFor the Kolobok bistro, we have produced two drop arm Calypso awnings. These light and non-expensive awnings are one of the best solutions for windows and shop windows. They look nice, are durable, simple in operating, and permit to regulate the light in the facility by change of the slope angle.
ECO, Megafon mobile operator
November 2012Moscow, Bagrationovsky driveIn this project our customer, the Megafon company, needed an awning for a department in a trade centre; a folding arm awning Eco with manual operating was chosen. This is one more sample of multi-functionality of awnings
ECO, Countryside house
November 2012Leningrad region, KolpinoIn this project, we have produced a folding arm awning ECO for a cozy recreation zone on the territory of a countryside house. Additionally, this awning is equipped with electric motor with a wind sensor that makes operating comfortable
Tent for SEARAY 175 cutter
November 2012St.PetersburgIn this project, we have produced a tent with frame for a SEARAY 175 cutter. The frame is made of stainless steel on removable hinge joints: the instrument is not needed for dismounting, the frame became more solid and nice. Special fabric with double impregnation was used, from the SeaStar SAULEDA collection
Mooring cover for a cutter
November 2012St.PeterburgIn this project, we have produced a mooring cover for a cutter. This tent is supposed to protect the boat from weather and other damaging influence of environment while mooring. It is made of high quality PVC and has restrictive lacing and a door for entering.
Sienna, Salon Dalood
November 2012Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya streetIn this project, we produced two canopy awnings of rectangular shape. These are elegant four-rib awnings with print of logo on the lambrequin
Sienna, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
October 2012Moscow, Vozdvizhenka St.This is a Sienna canopy awning produced by us in a traditional for this network style: burgundy fabric with white print on lambrequin. The awning over the door plays the role of decorative element
Tango ZIP, Private apartment
October 2012Moscow, Goncharnaya St.This is a vertical Tango ZIP awning made by us for an exit from a private apartment on a terrace. As you can see on the picture, in this case our customer preferred Soltis material as fabric. Soltis has a unique capacity
Sienna, Office
October 2012Moscow, Victory squareIn this project, we have produced Sienna canopy awning that decorates the entrance to the office facility. This is a classical four-rib awning of burgundy fabric Granate;
Ventura Premium, Countryside house
October 2012Leningrad region, Yanino villageIn this project, we have produced a Ventura Premium folding arm awning with elegant Paris fabric, electric motor and wind sensor. The speciality of the project was the mounting. In our work, we often come across situations where we have to mount an awning
Sienna, Da Vita shop
October 2012St.Petersburg, Karavannaya St.For a new cosmetics shop Da Vita, we have produced three rectangular canopy awnings Sienna. Deep blue colour of fabric decorates the façade, and before entering the shop, suggests the atmosphere of sophistication.
Ventura Premium, Private house
October 2012Krasnogorsk, Rechnaya St.This folding arm Ventura Premium awning was produced by us for a private terrace. In this case, the awning is equipped with electric motor for comfortable operating, and with a wind sensor as well
 Calypso, Venezia beauty studio
October 2012Moscow, Lavrushinsky pereulokIn this project, for our customer, the Venezia beauty studio, we have produced two Calypso drop arm awnings. For a beauty studio, the ability of our awnings to raise and go down
Tango Pro, Countryside house
October 2012Leningrad region, Lisiy Nos villageFor this spacious gazebo on the territory of a countryside house, we have produced 8 vertical awnings Tango Pro. This model is distinguished in the Tango product line with wider guide profiles. Seven awning of eights work like raising “windows” which make
Como, Countryside house
October 2012Moscow region, Pavlovo villageThis Como cassette awning, by its colour palette, supports the design of the façade, and gives special charm to the terrace. The electric motor with wind sensor installed by us provides comfort in operating and prolongs the awning service term.
Calypso Wind, Private house
October 2012Moscow, Olof Palme streetFor a recreation zone equipped on a terrace of a city house, we have produced two vertical Calypso Wind awnings. Our customer has chosen Soltis material as the awning fabric, one of the best solutions for vertical awnings. Unlike PVC
Sienna, Caravay shop and cafeteria
October 2012St.Petersburg, Stachek prospectThese four canopy awnings Sienna are produced by us for a shop of Caravay network. Here we have used fabric that coincides with the network corporate colour
Sienna, The Seasons hotel
September 2012St.Petersburg, Liteiny prospectIn this project, we have produced 7 canopy awnings for the Seasons hotel. The awning with the logos printed on the canvas highlight the windows of the hotel and give awareness to the exterior. The awnings are mounted into the window apertures.
Calypso, Private apartment
September 2012Moscow, Moskvorechia St.This is one more project where a balcony of a private apartment was supposed to be covered with an awning. For this purpose, a drop awning Calypso is usually chosen; because of its lightness, nice appearance, easy mounting, it is the best construction for
Calypso, Private apartment
September 2012Moscow region, Elektrostal cityThis is an example of using a drop arm Calypso awning on a balcony of a private apartment. This is one of the simplest ways to cover the balcony from sun, rain, and falling leaves. Light and non-expensive Calypso awnings easily fulfils these functions.
Calypso, MarketPlace restaurant
September 2012St.Petersburg, Isaakievskaya squareFor the MarketPlace restaurant, we have made drop arm window awnings Calypso and a Samolet summer cafeteria. Drop arm awnings once again showed their best qualities, that are presentable appearance and light weight that permits to mount these awning where
Calypso, Vabi Sabi restaurant
September 2012Moscow, Novaya Radishchevskaya St.For the Vabi Sabi restaurant, we have produced six drop arm Calypso awnings. They protect the facility of the restaurant from overheating, create comfortable environment
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
September 2012Leningrad region, Glukhovo villageIn thsi project, we have made vertical awnings Calypso Wind for a gazebo on territory of a countryside house. Our customer preferred to use a widely spread solution
Ventura Premium, Private house
September 2012Leningrad region, Toksovo villageIn this project, we have produced two Ventura Premium forling arm awnings for a balcony of a private house. They do not just serve as as retractable shed for the balcony, but also shade the windows
Ventura Premium, Countryside house
September 2012Sestroretsk town, V.Bobrova St.In this project, a Ventura Premium folding arm awning produced by us is designed to play the role of protection for glass roof of a winter garden. The slope angle of the awning can be set according to your wish
Ventura Premium, Countryside house
August 2012Moscow, Palitsi villageIn this case we have produced a folding arm Ventura Premium awning for a terrace of a countryside house whose design is distinguished with such elegance and lightness that we have especially enjoyed working over this project.
Samolet, Steak House restaurant
August 2012St.Petersburg, Moskovsky prospectSummer terrace of the Steak House restaurant is made by us as a Samolet construction with podium and fencings. As always, our broad catalogue has provided a colour that ideally repeats the corporate colour of the restaurant.
Calypso, Etage restaurant
August 2012Moscow, Piatnitskaya St.For two stories of one of restaurant of the Etage network, we have produced 12 drop arm Calypso awnings. Our customer has chosen yellow fabric Amarillo; its bright colour most of all matches with dynamic style of this network.
Sienna, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
August 2012St.Petersburg, Karavannaya St.For one of the outlets of the Chocoladnitsa coffee bar network, we have produced four Sienna canopy awnings with print on fabric. The recognizable style of the network is underlined by the deep colour of fabric, and, of course, logos on lambrequins.
Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
August 2012St.Petersburg, Engelsa prospectIn this project, we have produced three drop arm Calypso awnings for the Chocoladnitsa coffee bar. Despite that in this case the cafeteria windows are placed under the roof, the awnings carry out the function of additional protection
Sienna, The City Cafeteria 317
August 2012Moscow, Gluboky laneIn this peoject, we have produced four canopy awnings for the cafeteria The City Cafeteria 317. Black awnings with white logos look elegant and striking
Ventura, Countryside house
August 2012Leningrad region, Borisovo villageThanks to the fact that in this project we have used several products and improvements offered by us, this open terrace will be cozy and warm even in an autumn evening! Our customer has chosen a Ventura Premium awning for his terrace.
Glass pavilion, Mama Roma restaurant
August 2012St.Petersburg, Fontanka embankmentMama Roma is a restaurant of traditional home Italian cuisine; we enjoyed working over a project for this network, as the spirit of Mama Roma is the very thing that we want to bring into the lives of our clients, that is conform, sophistication, warm and easy atmosphere.
Como, Countryside house
August 2012Leningrad region, Zelenogorsk townOne more example where several options that make comfort your lifestyle are gathered in one construction! A Como cassette awning is one of the most advantageous models for terraces. When you close this awning, it folds up completely into a protective cassette
Como, Countryside house
August 2012Leningrad region, Toksovo villageA Como cassette awning is a perfect addition to this elegant ant stylish terrace that draws into recreation! Our customer has chosen colours of light and dark wood that ideally matches the house façade and landscape. An electric motor with sun and wind sensor
Riva, Townhouse
August 2012Moscow, Minskaya St.For the entrance to this town house, we have produced a Riva retractable cassette awning with electric motor. The fabric chosen by our customer repeats the colour of walls
Calypso, Michel Exertier beauty salon
August 2012Moscow, Rossolimo St.Awnings are irreplaceable advertisement instrument not only for restaurants and shops. In this project, we have produced three Calypso drop arm window awnings for one of Michel Exertier beauty salons. By opening the awnings
Tango, Countryside house
August 2012Moscow region, Ashitkovo villageIn order to protect this terrace from sun, wind, and rain, our customer has chosen vertical cassette awnings Tango. This is one of the best solutions: Tango awnings are distinguished for durability and advantageous impermeable construction that will not let the wind and rain to penetrate the terrace.
Ventura Premium, Countryside house
August 2012Moscow region, Novospasskoe villageThis is one more example of how Ventura Premium awnings can transform facades of countryside houses, and immediately not only decorate the façade, but also protect the terrace of your house from sun and foul weather.
Riva, Countryside house
August 2012Moscow region, Kurtnikovo villageThis Cassette Riva awning installed on a balcony of a countryside house is equipped with electric wind sensor. Electric motor with a wind sensor is a non-compulsory, but a very convenient option for any retractable awnings
Ventura Premium, Countryside house
August 2012Leningrad region, Kissolovo villageThis project is a wonderful example of how awnings complete the façade of building. Two folding arm Ventura Premium awnings have gracefully complied into the exterior of this countryside house; now its elegant façade with neat proportions looks even more attractive
Wall summer cafeteria, Paul Bakery baker’s shop
August 2012Moscow, Yegorievskoe chausseeWall terrace of the Paul Bakery baker’s shop is made as a metal frame on wooden podium with tent roof of white PVC and additional trimming. A draining system is made where the metal frame is attached to the wall.
Calypso, Dve palochki restaurant
August 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectIn this project, we have produced 11 drop arm awning for The Two Chopsticks restaurant on Nevsky prospect. In this case one can note a memorable print on fabric that is printed on both canvas and lambrequins of the awnings.
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
July 2012St.Petersburg, пос. ПарголовоCanvases for these vertical Calypso Wind awnings are sewn as “windows”. This is an excellent protection from wind, rain, and snow for a covered porch where they were installed.
Sienna, Almas real estate agency
July 2012St.Petersburg, Tavricheskaya St.Sienna canopy awnings are the best what can be offered for decoration of windows and doors. They give a more trimmed image to the façade at once, and an awning with logos and inscriptions on it is the best advertisement for any office.
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
July 2012Vyborg townIn this project, 10 Calypso Wind vertical awnings completely protect an open gazebo from any kind of foul weather. Transparent inserts permit it to stay light, the awnings look natural, and make the gazebo comfortable and inviting for recreation in any weather.
Riva, Townhouse
July 2012Moscow region, Pavlovo-2 villageThis project is one of the samples when installation of electric motor on an awning is explained. One can open and close the awning while staying indoors, by means of a remote control.
Sienna, House of jewelry traditions
July 2012Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka streetWhen it is necessary to decorate windows or doors of arch shape, Sienna canopy awnings turn to be the most obvious choice. They can be made up to 6 m wide, that is why they fit even for widest doors and windows.
Sienna, Delicatesse shop
July 2012Moscow, Ismailovsky prospectThese four Sienna canopy awnings decorate the façade of the shop. “Tasty” coffee fabric colour is the best suitable for the delicatessen shop; decorative ledges are selected of the same colour
Como, Countryside house
July 2012Moscow region, Bolshakovo villageThis is retractable cassette awning Como over a terrace-to-be. It is nice to spend time on countryside terrqces in the shade of our awnings; the burning sun won’t spoil your open air family lunch, and the awning will protect you
Sienna, Luciano cafeteria
July 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor the Luciano cafeteria, we have produced five Sienna canopy awnings. Their speciality is that here we use only two ribs (usually canopies are made with three, four, or five ribs). These awnings can’t be folded up
Riva, Office
July 2012Moscow, Luzhniki St.This cassette Riva awning installed on a balcony of a countryside house is equipped with electric wind sensor. The wind sensor carries out the function of protection of awning from breakdown
Flamingo, Macaroni restaurant
July 2012St.Petersburg, Rubinsteina St.For an Italian restaurant "Macaroni" we have produced a Falmingo summer terrace that made it even more trimmed. This is a small terrace of one awning, but it immediately attracts attention and invites to visit this cozy restaurant.
Sienna, Private apartment
July 2012Moscow, Zvenigorodskaye chausseeIn this project, it was needed to cover a balcony of a private city apartment with an awning. The customer preferred to install a canopy awning that ideally fits for a balcony of the top floor of an apartment house
Samolet, Regatta restaurant
July 2012St.Petersburg, Vyazovaya St.For the Regatta restaurant on water with panoramic view, we have produced a Samolet summer terrace of three modules. This is an awesome solution that can fit absolutely different areas for summer terrace; its advantages, such as
Sienna, Countryside house
July 2012Moscow region, Lesnoy villageCanopy awnings are the best solution for decoration of windows and doors. They always look advantageous, especially on facades of buildings in classical style; they immediately bring special charm to the exterior. In this project, two Sienna canopy awnings
Sienna, Chocoladnitsa coffee bar
July 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectCanopy awnings Sienna are a classical solution for decoration of doors and windows of restaurants and coffee bars. The wide spread of awnings started from this very type, their round shape gives decorated the façade and gives trim and attractive view to the exterior.
Tent pavilion, Kronenburg bar
July 2012Leningrad region, Duny beachIn this pavilion, instead of glazing, we have used vertical raising blinds on eyelet holes, with inserts of transparent PVC; we conditionally considered these blinds to vertical awnings, though they have no raising mechanism
Glass pavilion, Elki-Palki restaurant
July 2012Leningrad region, DunyFor this restaurant of Elki-Palki network situated on a beach of the gulf of Finland beach in Duny, we have made one of the classical variants of glass pavilions; it is always an advantageous solution for organizing any restaurant.
Wall summer cafeteria, Las Torres restaurant
July 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectThis is a wall summer cafeteria for the Las Torres restaurant was installed in 2012. On Nevsky prospect, where there are a lot of cafeterias and restaurants fighting for clients, even a small terrace is very important for a restaurant
Ventura Premium, Calypso, Dve palochki restaurant
July 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor this restaurant of the Two Chopsticks network, we have produced drop arm Calypso awnings for windows, as well as a wall summer cafeteria in its classical performance – installation of Ventura Premium folding arm awnings on the façade of the building.
Ventura Premium, Palazzo Ducale restaurant
July 2012Moscow, Tverskoy boulevardFor the wall summer terrace of Palazzo Ducale restaurant, we have produced three folding arm awnings Ventura Premium with electric motor. Aluminium components are powder coated in 3005 colour according to the RAL scale
Wall summer cafeteria, Burger King restaurant
June 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectThis is one more our project for the Burger King fast food restaurants network. This is a wall summer cafeteria made as a tent construction; one of the advantages of these constructions if their resistance to the strongest wind.
Sienna, Olivia shop
June 2012St.Petersburg, Karpovka river embankmentFor the Olivia shop, we have produced three canopy awnings with printing inscriptions and logos on the canvas. As always in our widest collection there was found a colour that ideally match with the corporate style of the shop
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
June 2012Leningrad region, Simagino villageFor this open porch, we have produced three vertical Calypso Wind awnings, as well as decorative lambrequins from the same fabric as the awning. The width of the porch permits to cover it with one awning; however, from the point of view of design
Sienna, Avangard bank
June 2012St.Petersburg, Tavricheskaya St.Fort he office oft he Avangard bank, we have produced seven Sienna canopy awnings. The awnings are made in corporate colour palette, green background and white logo; contrast white colour of decorative ledges respond to it. The awnings make it recognizable and noticeable.
Tango, Countryside house
June 2012Leningrad region, Sosnovo regionThese vertical awnings for a gazebo on the territory of a countryside house are made in maximally comfortable for use variant: our customers have chosen a Tango cassette awning with electric motor
Calypso Wind, Countryside house
June 2012Moscow region, Lariushkino villageFor this gazebo, we have produced three vertical awnings of open type Calypso Wind. The canvas of the awning that looks at the side of the neighbor house is made completely non-transparent; the opposite awning is made with a transparent PVC insert
Reupholstery of canopy awnings, Douglas bar
June 2012St.Petersburg, Finlyandsky prospect .For Douglas bar in the centre of St.Petersburg, it was needed to reupholst the awnings, that is to sew new fabric for constructions that exist already. This kind of service is mostly wanted by our corporate clients, because when an awning is used commercially, it wears out more quickly.
Wall summer cafeteria, The Teremok cafeteria
June 2012Moscow, Stary Arbat St.For a summer terrace of the Teremok cafeteria, we have produced a construction of a tent wall summer cafeteria type. A metal frame with a PVC tent is placed on the wooden podium. Along the perimeter, the lower part of the metal frame of the cafeteria
Calypso, Swissam business school
June 2012St.Petersburg, Dobrolyubova prospectOne of our hugest and most interesting orders is installation of 88 drop arm awnings on the façade of the Swissam business school of management in service industry. It was not our first project where we install from several dozen up to almost 100 awnings at a time
Samolet, Anderson restaurant
June 2012Moscow, Leningradsky prospectIn this case, it was needed to equip a summer terrace of a restaurant on the roof of a 3-story building. We have installed a Samolet construction with counterloading boxes. As the cafeteria is situated on a roof of a building
Ventura, Barslona bar
June 2012St.Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya St.For a summer terrace of a bright and original Barslona outlet, we have made Ventura folding arm awnings; the fabric colour supports the outlet design carried in Spanish style, and the atmosphere of a tapas bar. These awnings
Calypso, The Long Tail restaurant
June 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor two stories of a new restaurant of pan-Asian cuisine, the Long Tail, we have made 26 Calypso drop arm awnings, and a wall summer terrace. The awnings highlight the façade of this non-conventional restaurant among numerous outlets in the very heart of St.Petersburg
Pavilion with windows of tempered glass, Gastronom restaurant
June 2012St.Petersburg, Marsovo PoleThe pavilion of Gastronom restaurant is made by us as a construction with wooden frame on a wooden podium, with windows of strong tempered glass. Along one side, the windows are closed with protective blind rolls.
Wall summer cafeteria, Peterburger cafeteria
June 2012St.Petersburg, Nab. Kanala GriboedovaFor the Peterburger cafeteria, we have made a wall summer cafeteria as a summer terrace with tent roof and vertical movable curtains. Summer terraces are additional facilities of restaurants and cafeterias that give a possibility
Wall summer cafeteria, Chokoladnitsa coffee bars network
June 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectWall summer cafeteria for the Chokoladnitsa coffee bars network is made from metal frame with tent roof. Multi-colour print of inscriptions and logos is made on the tent lambrequin.
Pergola, Countryside house
June 2012Leningrad region, ToksovoIn this project, the best solutions in the sphere of sun protection are presented: we have produced a pergola awning with a remote control and heating for a terrace of a private countryside house.
Flamingo, Frikadelki fast food restaurant
June 2012St.Petersburg, Moskovsky prospectWe have produced a Flamingo summer terrace of four sections for a Frikadelki fast food restaurant. This construction was chosen by our customer as one of the most simple solutions for arganizing a summer cafeteria.
 Folding arm awning Eco, Countryside house
June 2012Leningrad region, Toksovo villageIn this project, we have installed two Eco folding arm awnings that perfectly fit the exterior of this countryside house. The fabric colour and the awning slope are chosen considering the specialities of the façade.
Wall summer cafeteria, Coffeshop coffee bar
June 2012St.Petersburg, Malaya Sadovaya St. This summer terrace sides with the firm style and atmosphere of Vienna coffee bars of Coffeshop Company, warm, cozy, and joyful, by its fabric colour and irreproachable performance. Elegancy and festivity of the terrace perfectly fit to
Glass trade pavilion, Ventura Premium, Trade pavilion
June 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectIn this project, we have produced a trade pavilion with Ventura Premium folding arm awnings. Installation of awnings on trade pavilions is often necessary in order to make customers and shop assistant feel comfortable, and goods not be damaged by heat.
Wall summer cafeteria, Burger King restaurant
June 2012St.Petersburg, Aleksandrovsky parkOne of our projects for Burger King restaurant network is a wall summer cafeteria in Aleksandrovsky park. This terrace is made as a metal frame tent roof; logos and inscriptions are printed on the lambrequin. In this case, a tent construction
Wall summer cafeteria, Eurasia restaurant
June 2012St.Petersburg, Canal GriboedovaIn this case our customers, Eurasia restaurants network, preferred a tent construction as a summer terrace. This solution also has its specific: it is not possible to fold up a stationary construction
Canopy awnings Sienna rectangular, Canopy awnings Sienna arch, Countryside house
June 2012Moscow region, Bekasovo villageOn the example of this project one can see one of the advantages of canopy awnings: they can be made of rectangular, or arch shape, and fit different windows keeping a unanimous style.
Flamingo, Ventura Premium, 2213 restaurant
June 2012Санкт-Петербург, Konyushennaya squareOn the example of this project, one can see two variants of Ventura Premium awnings mounting at a time. The summer terrace of the 2213 restaurant is made as a Flamingo construction where the awnings are attached to the metal frame.
Ventura, The Clocks cafeteria
June 2012Gatchina, Sobornaya St.This wall summer terrace we have produced for The Clocks cafeteria. It consists of two folding arm Ventura Premium awnings mounted on the facade on special remote brackets
Calypso, Bontempi restaurant
May 2012Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankmentFor the Bontempi restaurant in Moscow, we have produced 8 drop awnings Calypso. Bright and elegant awnings support the corporate style of the restaurant and create comfortable environment inside.
Ventura Premium, Warsteiner Forum bar restaurant
May 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectThis is a wall summer cafeteria of the Warsteiner Forum restaurant. In this case, it was necessary to make a terrace of complicated shape, on the corner of a building.
Flamingo, Tamerlan chaikhana (tea bar)
May 2012Moscow, Petrovskie linesA summer terrace of the TAMERLAN chaikhana is made of a Flamingo construction: metal frame coloured according to RAL scale, and a folding arm awning Ventura Premium with an electric motor with a wind sensor.
Calypso, Countryside house
May 2012Moscow region, Gribki villageWindow awnings on the windows of countryside houses are a real rescue from summer heat. They do not just protect the facility from overheating, but also permit to regulate light, not to close windows on a summer day, serve as a decoration of the façade.
Ventura Premium, Contact-bar network
May 2012St.Petersburg, Marata St.For Contact-bar network, we have produced a Flamingo summer terrace. In this project, apart from standard components, i.e. metal frame, fencing, podium, and folding arm awnings, wind protect system pillars were also used that protect the awning mechanism while strong wind.
Pergola, Palkin restaurant
May 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor a summer terrace of one of the oldest restaurants of St.Petersburg, the legendary Palkin, we have produced one of the most striking models of awnings, Pergola. Except for memorable appearance, this construction is distinguished by its exclusive functionality
Calypso, Sweet Home cafeteria
May 2012Moscow, Myasnitskaya St. For Sweet Home cafeteria, it was needed to produce an awning that could work as an advertisement for the outlet and continue the corporate style. In this case, we have chosen a classical drop arm awning Calypso, with nave fabric and golden inscription on the lambrequin.
Glass pavilion, The Arbat, 9 bar
May 2012Moscow, Arbat St.For The Arbat, 9 bar, we have made a glass pavilion, - a variant of a porch that serves not only as a summer terrace, but also as a separate facility that functions in any weather, even in the most cold and windy.
Tent pavilion, Eurasia restaurant
May 2012Moscow, Stary Arbat St.Summer terrace for Eurasia restaurant is produced as a tent wall summer cafeteria. A metal frame with a tent with Dralon awning fabric is placed on the wooden podium. Along the perimeter, the lower part of the metal frame of the cafeteria is covered with
Glass pavilion, Sluzhebny Vhod restaurant
May 2012Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka St. This glass pavilion was made by us for the Sluzhebny Vhod restaurant. A metal frame with a PVC tent is placed on the wooden podium. The cafeteria is covered with sliding window panels along its perimeter.
Glass pavilion, Chilis cafeteria
May 2012Moscow, Novy Arbat St.Pavilion for chilis cafeteria was made by us in one of popular variants, with sliding windows. A metal frame with a PVC tent is placed on the wooden podium. The metal frame is cased with wood.
Sienna, Mangione restaurant
May 2012Moscow, Semenovskaya squareFor Magione restaurant, a four-rib Sienna canopy awning with logo print was made. The logo colour is chosen according to the ribbon colour. The restaurant t is situated in a trade centre
Flamingo summer cafeteria of 8 modules, Oktyabrskaya hotel
May 2012St.Petersburg, Ligovsky prospectFor a summer terrace of Oktabrskaya hotel, we have produced a Flamingo summer cafeteria that differs from standard models. In this project, there was no need to install a Samolet construction, but the space between awnings and the façade had to be protected from rain and sun
Wall summer cafeteria, Ventura, Taiheo sushi bar
May 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectSummer terrace for Taiheo restaurant is made by us as a wall summer cafeteria. The awnings are especially installed on remote brackets in order to avoid a drain pipe that did not let to mount one of the awnings to the façade
Wall summer cafeteria, Calypso, Ventura Premium, Takao sushi bar
May 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectFor a two storey Takao sushi bar, we have produced not only summer terrace, but also awnings for windows. The terrace is made as a wall summer cafeteria; five Calypso drop arm awnings were made for
Wall summer cafeteria, Dve palochki restaurant
May 2012St.Petersburg, Nevsky prospectThe Two Chopsticks restaurant network selects different shapes of summer grounds for its restaurants: folding arm awnings, Flamingo constructions, combination of different solutions.
Ventura Premium, Anderson cafeteria
AprilS 2012Moscow, Giliarovskogo St.A family cafeteria “Anderson” is distinguished by a warm and comfortable atmosphere; Ventura Premium folding arm awnings help in it, serving as summer terrace, and at the same time protect ting the facility of the cafeteria from overheating and burning sun.
Riva, TownHouse
AprilS 2012Moscow region, d. PervomayskoeIn this project, our customer has chosen a Riva cassette awning with brown frame that often matches well with wooden countryside houses. Besides, an electric motor was installed on the awning, providing noiseless opening and
Calypso, Coffemania coffee bar
AprilS 2012Moscow, Tverskaya St.This project perfectly illustrates the advantages of window awnings: lightness, simplicity, durability and attractive appearance. This light construction permits to mount them on window frames.
Wall summer cateteria, Dve palochki restaurant
AprilS 2012Moscow, Kamergersky alleyA summer terrace of The Two Chopsticks restaurant consists of a metal frame with a tent of Dralon awning fabric, and powder coating of the frame in corporate red colour. Besides, to protect the visitors of the restaurant from wind and creating of a cozy environment
Vertical cassette awning Tango, Countryside house
AprilS 2012Moscow region, New Veshki villageVertical cassette awnings Tango are one of the best solutions for impermeable protection of terraces and gazebos from wind, sun, rain, and snow. PVC inserts are sewn into the fabric of the awning; an electric motor was also installed in this project
Sienna, Jerusalem Gallery
March 2012Moscow, Bolshoy Kozihinsky alleyWhile producing canopy awnings for Jerusalem Gallery shop, it was necessary to consider the specialities of the building façade, that is presence of decorative molding over the windows. In such cases, the awnings are often mounted in the window aperture, but in this project
Sienna canopy awnings, Paul Bakery Baker’s shop
February 2012Moscow, Yegorienvkoe ChausseeFor a network of Paul Bakery baker’s shops, we have produced 11 canopy awnings which, by their form and colour solution, were designed to underline the corporate style and philosophy of the company
Ventura Premium, Countryside house
February 2012Naro-Fominsky district, Vereya townThis Ventura Premium folding arm awning we have installed on the façade of a countryside house; it will serve for shading of a wide window, protection of interior from fading, and creating of comfortable environment in the facility
Calypso, Sienna, La Femme beauty centre
January 2012Moscow, Panfilova St.For the La Femme beauty and health centre, we have produced 8 awnings: for windows of arch shape, Sienna canopy awnings were chosen, and for rectangular windows, Calypso drop arm awnings.
Reupholstery of window awnings, Zucker restaurant
January 2012MoscowFor Zucker restaurant, we have made reupholstery of awnings – production of new fabric for existing constructions; besides it was necessary to make prints on logos of the outlet on the canvas and lambrequin of the awnings. High-quality print on dralon is a process that demands experience
Soltis vertical awnings
January 2012St.PetersburgThis is an example of using of unique Soltis fabric for production of Calypso Wind vertical awnings. This fabric has meshed structure; it is very long-wearing, looks nicely
Sienna, The Red Cat pie house
January 2012St.Petersburg, Gorokhovaya St.On a frosty morning, on the way to work, how nice it is to have a cup of coffee with a hot pie and get loaded with buoyancy for the whole day! The Red Cat pie house has taken care of the buyers who hurry up on errands