Awnings in small and medium business

There are several targeted audience on the sun protection market, they are private clients, big networks of restaurants, cafeterias, shops. Today we will speak about using of awnings for goals of small and medium business.

One of the most impressing characteristics of awnings is their multifuctionality. As a sample, we can show a trade pavilion; when you install just one awning on it, you can solve many tasks at a time:

  • - To protect the goods behind a glass shop window and the facility itself from overheating. Obvious advantage that in no time will permit to cut down expenses for conditioning, to say nothing about the fact that work of a conditioner is often non-profitable or impossible: the pavilion might have open construction, or the owner prefers that the doors are open during working time.
  • - Advertisement. How many passers-by will not approach the pavilion just because they do not notice it? The awnings always attract attention, besides one can print advertising inscriptions on the fabric that will be seen even from the opposite side of the street.
  • - To protect customers from foul weather. If the weather is disappointing, few people will wish to stop for a purchase right under rain or snow, when hands are busy with bag and umbrella. An awning will permit the customers to choose and make purchases in any weather without hurry.

In a cozy pie house “The Red Cat” at Gorokhovaya street there is a window for outdoor trade. This window, earlier hardly noticeable, looks very welcoming with an awning, and invites hurrying and busy citizens to drink a cup of coffee with a hot pie, get warm on a frosty day, and set themselves on a positive wave.

and this is a trade pavilion that became more nice and attractive with an awning. And, of course, now the glazed façade won’t overheat and create greenhouse effect in the facility.

In conclusion awnings are a convenient and profitable instrument for small and medium business. They do not demand serious investments, they are quickly produced and pay back immediately. And, if you speak about cafeteria or trade outlets, awnings are just irreplaceable.