Awnings in winter

what awnings can be used in winter, and how to take care of them?

First of all, we should note that there is such a type of awnings that many of our clients order specially to use in winter time as a solid protection from snow and cold wind, that is vertical ones. We have written about them more detailly read.

Now we will tell what are specialities in using other types of awnings, – retractable, window, etc., – in winter time.

So, the main questions that our customers ask about winter use: will the materials that the awning is made of stand Russian winter?

Awning fabric (Fig.1. and Fig.1.2.) perfectly shows itself even in the most severe conditions, and is successfully used for protection from snow on vertical awnings. This synthetic yarn is not afraid of neither high nor low temperatures, neither snow nor rain. At the same time, despite of its durability, it is fabric anyway that can be torn if icicles start falling on it.

Fig.1.1. Fabric samplesFig.1.2. Catalogue of fabrics

If we speak about mechanism of an awning, then you ought to remember about specialities of certain models and Russian weather. Although the awning mechanism is not afraid of low temperatures, there are often strong winds in winter that you should take into consideration while using these products. Winter rectangular (Fig.2.) and canopy awnings (Fig.3.) are more resistant against wind and snow, while retractable terrace models have much bigger shielding due to their constructions and big sizes; they always should be closed during strong wind, and they are very strict towards fulfilling of exploitation rules. Besides, one should remember that retractable awnings cannot be used as a shed from snow, because snow can damage the mechanism with its weight. Once again, in this sensewindow awnings are less difficult, they do not gather much snow on themselves just because of their shape and sizes.

Fig.2. Window rectangular awnings CalypsoFig.3. Window rectangular awnings Sienna

In general, a widely spread opinion that awnings should by all means be taken away from the façade in winter time, or else they will get out of order, is not quite correct; if the awning is needed, for example, as an advertising instrument, you should not necessarily dismount it, and many of our clients do it; of course, in this case the awnings should be protected from icicles and closed when they through snow from roofs down. Restaurant and cafeteria owners sometimes keep awnings open even in storm wind on purpose, because possible damage of awnings is not so important for them as advertisement and attraction of clients.

Anyway, this article is written for our private customers, that is why we should note that according to exploitation instructions, awnings are recommended to use when the temperature is higher that +5C°. When it is folded up, the mechanism is not threatened with damage from wind, but even the most qualitative fabrics are subjected to natural wear. Besides, the awnings except vertical ones are usually not needed in winter time, that is why we always recommend to dismount them, or just fold them up and cover from show; then the awnings will keep its respectable appearance for longer time. Some kinds of awnings (retractable, vertical) are represented by cassette models in which the roller tube and fabric are covered with protective box that will successfully protect the fabric in winter time.