Soltis fabric for vertical awnings

Soltis omits only the best!

We have written already about vertical awnings here; so we remind once again thatvertical awnings can be made of different fabrics; today we will tell more detailly about qualities of Soltis fabric, because is not much known in Russia, and we are often asked what is this material famous for.

first of all, let’s note that Soltis can be used on different types of awnings, but now we will speak about use of this fabric in production of especially vertical awnings, because here Soltis shows its characteristics best of all.

Folding arm awning with Soltis fabricVertical awning with Soltis fabric

This fabric was elaborated by Ferrari concern, and it consists of polyesther base covered with PVC with double-sided finishing with acrylic lacquer. This is a perforated material, and its micro-holes provide part if its unique characteristics.

So, advantages of this fabric:

  • Duirability. Soltis can stand extreme weather conditions, it is not afraid of temperature drop, does not lose its characteristics for long years.
  • Swallows and reflects up to 97% of sun warmth, that makes this material an ecological friendly and aesthetically looking conditioner that can work both on open terrace, and in a gazebo. Use of Soltis is reasonable even in facilities where conditioner is installed already, this fabric will help to decrease spend of energy.
  • Protects from burning sun rays, and at the same time omits light. Reflecting ultra-violet harmful for health, Soltis won’t make a facility or a terrace too dark.
  • Protects from wind, and at the same time does not obstruct airing, as micro-holes provide good ventilation.
  • protects from rain and snow. Even in winter time Soltis protects your comfort.
  • And, at last, utility. This fabric has dirt-resistant qualities; besides it can be washed.
  • All these advantages make Soltis one of the most interesting solutions in the sphere of sun protection. This aesthetically looking and hi-tech fabric has a capability to omit only the best; it protects from harmful influences of environment, like wind, snow ultra-violet, and at the same time Soltis won’t deprive you of possibility to enjoy fresh air and good view. Wherever an awning with this fabric is installed, either on windows, or on terrace, or on a gazebo, – it will create such a comfortable microclimate, that, once evaluating all its advantages, you won’t with to deny it!