Awnings for country houses, balconies and terraces

For private clients

Our private customers often order awnings for country houses, as well as for balconies and open terraces of city apartments and penthouses. We have taken the most widely spread cases, and in this section we will show examples how to select awnings for terraces, windows, country gazebos, and vehicles. We will separately tell about vertical awnings that are appropriate in different situations, and their main function is protection from wind, rain, and snow, as well as cutting space into zones.

Awnings for summer constructions

Summer cafeterias, terraces, pavilions

We produce various constructions, and can always offer those that will ideally fit for solutions of any tasks of summer cafeteria organization.

Awning constructions for trade

Solutions for trade

On this page you can see what awnings are used as street trade equipment.

construction of stages, tents

Solutions for events

here we demonstrate constructions that are necessary for events. These are stages, tents, parasols, and all that is necessary to provide organization of exhibitions, festivals and celebrations.

original awnings and constructions

Constructions on individual request

here you will find samples of constructions that we project and produce according to individual orders. It can be a glazed gazebo for a country cottage, or a tent of a nonconventional shape; we will choose the best solutions for each situation.