Summer cafeterias, terraces, pavilions

We produce various constructions, and can always offer those that will ideally fit for solutions of any tasks of summer cafeteria organization.

Wall summer cafeterias

If the edifice’s façade permits to mount an awning to it, then one of the variants can be installation of a wall cafeteria consisting of a folding arm awning with additionally produced podium and fencing, or without them.

If it is not possible or not desirable to mount any constructions on the façade, we can make a separately standing tent construction, as well as one of our typical solutions, such as Flamingo or Samolet summer cafeterias. These constructions can be installed close to the façade, they are characterized by quick mounting, possibility to unite several modules into one cafeteria, various sizes, and many other advantages that you can learn more about in sections of our site dedicated to them.

Separately standing summer cafeterias

If you need to install a separately standing summer cafeteria, then, according to your demands to functionality and appearance of the construction, we can offer the following variants:


Apart from variants mentioned above, we offer producing of such constructions as Pergola, Parus, production of frames for installation different combinations of retractable and vertical awnings. Apply to us, and we will offer you a solution that will match with you wishes on appearance and budget the best way.

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