Awnings for terraces and balconies

We offer you a row of high quality awnings that can transform your terrace, quite often the most favourite place for recreation for the whole family.

Folding arm awning is one of the most popular model,, a retractable shed that combines advanced design and time tested mechanism. You can learn more about their advantages and specialities on page dedicated to them.

Cassette awnings — Cassette awnings. маркизы.

Open vertical awnings Calypso Wind or cassette vertical awningsare for protection from wind, rain, or snow. They are produced in different variants, material combination is possible.

Side awningsare for additional protection from wind and cutting space into zones. It often becomes an important decorative element, protects from curious glances and creates cozy atmosphere.

Pergola is a hi-tech model, an interesting construction and a wide range of additional options. There are two awnings in one, a retractable and a vertical; see its description, as well as how Pergola looks likehere.

In some cases, one can place for the terrace an awning WGB. Its construction demands four fixing points; you can use it if you have or plan to have a metal or wooden frame over your terrace, or for winter gardens.

You can learn more detailly how to choose a terrace awning here.

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